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  1. The one beacon of hope is his expected numbers are higher than his production, so I do think things will trend better. But I think he's a league-by-league decision. COL is more terrible than ever away from home so in a weekly lock I'd only really want him in if it's a week-long homestand. Even if he hits away from Coors, the counting stats just won't be there as the team is crud, and may yet get worse through trades.
  2. True, but I'd also expect the run support to turn around. They have a good offense, he's been absurdly unlucky on that draw. The defense, pen and park will remain irritants.
  3. Oh ho ho friend, you're in luck! A left-handed pitcher makes the Dodgers cower in fear!!!
  4. Antone is the fireman. Unfortunately Sims started a fire.
  5. I can't take any real opinion off a Coors start. He survived it better than others.
  6. FWIW, and maybe he's lying, but according to Bauer they told everyone they were going to be collecting baseballs to learn more about the substances in question, but there would be no exact penalty for it until down the line. The fact they're doing this midseason and not to start the year (and as the attention was on the dead ball) makes me think his account is accurate but who really knows.
  7. Guys were using enhancers because MLB made it clear it was going to get ignored, so as a professional you're at a disadvantage then if you don't use. You can call morality if you want, but this is a big money business and the guy using might take the job/contract/success of the guy who doesn't. It was the same thing with steroids, and in both cases the league turned a blind eye as long as it suited them, then blamed the players and targeted the best ones to make an example of. Glasnow may well have gotten hurt because of this, or maybe he's full of it. He's 150 percent right that MLB's t
  8. Wasn't that quote from a few weeks ago though?
  9. Right, but Fuller and Stills shared a lot of looks downfield. Snap share should go up and targets are more condensed.
  10. You're never going to close the gap on QB, though. Too few can play capably. That's simple supply/demand.
  11. I think it's more a reaction to the 'well nice pickup bros but it ain't gonna last sorry' stuff, not the guys who were just offering a counterpoint or two for caution.
  12. But 'enjoy it while it lasts' tho, right?
  13. Combination of a lot of things, I'm sure. Can't have confidence in the lineup, the pen, the defense. Boyd probably needs another pitch to really take the next step, as well as a better team. He clearly has improved from previous years, though. For him to turn this around, I suspect he might have to look at trading off a few strikes for balls each game. The k to bb is sterling, he can probably afford it and not just be predictably in or around the zone each time.
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