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  1. Wasn't that quote from a few weeks ago though?
  2. Right, but Fuller and Stills shared a lot of looks downfield. Snap share should go up and targets are more condensed.
  3. You're never going to close the gap on QB, though. Too few can play capably. That's simple supply/demand.
  4. I think it's more a reaction to the 'well nice pickup bros but it ain't gonna last sorry' stuff, not the guys who were just offering a counterpoint or two for caution.
  5. But 'enjoy it while it lasts' tho, right?
  6. Combination of a lot of things, I'm sure. Can't have confidence in the lineup, the pen, the defense. Boyd probably needs another pitch to really take the next step, as well as a better team. He clearly has improved from previous years, though. For him to turn this around, I suspect he might have to look at trading off a few strikes for balls each game. The k to bb is sterling, he can probably afford it and not just be predictably in or around the zone each time.
  7. We're well past the point you set and forget, for now. When he encounters a slow period is when we react, unless you can get a crazy sell high type thing.
  8. He's been in a slump. So either he's not physically right or Bud Black is really impatient.
  9. It's one of the best indicators to look for, but that said 7%-25% bb to k in the minors this year, while less than ideal, doesn't seem like a death sentence. It's like like he's Tim Anderson and just never walks. It'll be something he has to combat, sure, but there are guys in the majors who have made that kind of split work (if he can carry it forward).
  10. Rule of thumb for me is usually to weigh FIP heaviest in season, since defense, park effects, and even HR rate seem to stay at least relatively stable over the course of a year, then pay a bit closer attention to XFIP for the next season's draft.
  11. I mean I know AAA is much tougher to pitch in across the board this year, but the International League was always the one where hitters tended to have to really earn their numbers, and a lot of those guys of late have seen their numbers play up in the majors (Judge and Sanchez were 2 of them). This guy roasted that league. Walk rate isn't amazing, but he's also not horrific with K rate at either level this year.
  12. Because he materialized out of nowhere relative to prospect lists, I'd imagine, and guys who don't have him thus have some ammo to rain on the parade. They may be right in the long run, but anyone who's benefited from him has so much surplus value by now that if they had to drop/bench him by Monday, they still got over on the 'flash in the pan' crowd.
  13. I think things got polarized after all the 'enjoy it while it lasts, suckers!' type stuff and the resulting backlash. I doubt many guys with him feel assured in any way they have the next Ken Griffey Jr. I would question those thinking he's not worth rostering at all, though - anyone doing what he has been is worth exploring, particularly when the buzz out of the team's staff is WE THINK THIS GUY IS A SUPERSTAR.
  14. Oh I agree. I'm just saying that I'm not sure the reward is worth the wait here if alternatives to roster are out there, because on top of waiting out his struggles, it's not like wins are coming easily.
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