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  1. What’s the verdict lads or is it too soon to give one
  2. Curry hurting his outlook ?? His steals have been a pleasant surprise
  3. Hope they ease him back in by bringing him off the bench. Ingles looks like his old self as a starter and probably because he meshes better with stars around him. Conley on the other hand, has played better with mediocrity around him(his recent time as a grizz) and is meant to be a ball dominant guard which he could do with the second unit. Though I could be wrong as his usage and stats this year are much similar to his 2015 campaign where he avg 15/5 on 42% shooting and this is who Conley really is when he has decent players around him.
  4. Just read an article stating he spent majority of the off season writing diss tracks and is still suffering the L he got from big diesel. he may be there physically but basketball is a sport that also requires mental strength.
  5. he shot 32% this week which is obviously not going to stick !! He also had foul trouble in b2b games. Despite the unlucky stretch, he managed to provide 6 stocks...
  6. He’s so versatile for a rookie. Hornets need to feed him more for sure
  7. Anyone think his steals can stick ?? Huge pick up if it does
  8. I feel like a little kid again when riding the hype train in fantasy
  9. I think based on yesterday I’d drop Ad for him. Ur being too rash right now on drummond.
  10. LETS GO !!! Ive never seen consecutive brick shots making me happy
  11. Sexton ross Huerter if you were on your last pick, who would you draft ?
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