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  1. Howard should have a big day though. Hopefully the other 3 just have bigger ones.
  2. I'm really starting to question benching him now, don't know who I could take out in favour of him though.
  3. Also worth noting that Lincoln Financial lies N-S, and the wind will be blowing West. Even if it does drop to 10mph, that cross wind could cause some problems.
  4. That appears to be true which is good, but it still looks less than ideal for kickoff. Wind is a hard thing to trust as well. Regardless, with the cold and the wind together it's definitely concerning. I'm going to take Elliott out for precautionary measures. The drop-off from him to Lambo in ideal conditions is pretty minimal. The drop-off from Lambo in ideal conditions to Elliott in 20mph winds is a lot bigger.
  5. Lynch isn't a great play, but honestly he might be your best bet. The volume should be there. Philly is going to be right around freezing and windy (~20mph with stronger gusts). Chicago is currently 23F with ~10mph wind and about half an inch of snow falling every hour.
  6. Ajayi. It's going to be cold and windy in Philly tomorrow, will likely result in a run heavy game. DT has been good with Osweiler this year, but it would be trust to trust him over Ajayi considering the circumstances.
  7. 100% Jarvis and JuJu. Don't overthink this one.
  8. No reason to believe he doesn't have a productive game as a result of the snow in Chicago and (likely) positive game-script, but it's not like Howard has been a guy whose performances have followed any sort of logic this year. Unreliability is the reason that this will be the first time I bench him this year. I'm sure it's going to come back to bite me (had him last year and watched him score 25 points against Minny while on my bench) but I just can't rationalize starting him this week over any of my other RBs (Kamara, Drake, Lewis, Hunt). But if it came down to it, I'd be
  9. Crabtree or Gordon? Honestly... neither. Weather is going to be a negative factor in both these games that are going to make passing offences struggle as a whole. If there's absolutely no other option I would go with Crabtree, but I would not be happy about it. Who else is available on your bench/on the wire? Bears or Jags? Jags. Always play Jacksonville D. Always. Olsen or Engram? Olsen. Personally playing Engram this week, and I don't think you could go wrong either way but Olsen should have a great game this week. Like you said, he's gonna get
  10. Foles or Bortles? Bortles. Weather in Philly doesn't look ideal for a pass heavy game, and there's the very real possibility that Sudfeld enters the game if Philly is blowing the Raiders out. I'm also a little weary on trusting Foles after one game against the Giants. Bortles has (somehow) really been a dependable player the past few weeks, and I can't see SF changing that. Baldwin or DT? DT. As weird as it sounds, Osweiler makes DT a better fantasy bet. He scored 3 TDs in 3 games with Osweiler earlier in the year (weeks 9-11), and had a decent showing last week as
  11. 35 degrees and 20mph wind predicted in Philly tomorrow night. Could result in the game becoming more run heavy. Something worth considering before the morning slate kicks off today. Personally on the fence about starting Jake Elliott in those conditions.
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