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  1. 10 team dynasty league. Which side wins? Curry & OG B Ingram & Jaylen Brown
  2. 10 team keeper league, we keep 10. Which side wins? Curry, OG & Graham Ingram, Jaylen Brown & Josh Richardson
  3. For me it would be between Porter & Harris. Cant really go wrong with either one. If it’s a keeper league I would def take Porter.
  4. We keep 10 & I’m basically out of playoff contention this year but have some really solid keepers. Got offered Jaylen Brown & Lonzo Ball for Valanciunas & OG Anunoby. Which side is better?
  5. I’ll take it if still available. I work from home so I am on fantasy a lot! Foootballplay80@yahoo.com
  6. Took over a real bad team a few years back and my keepers are currently Luka, Curry, Lillard, Durant, Capela, M Robinson, Hayes, Kemba, & Coby White. I was offered 2 trades that I am thinking about. What are your guys thoughts? 10 Keepers 1. Luka, White & Paschall for Trae, Booker & Cole Anthony. 2. Luka, White & Robinson for Trae, Booker, & Wiseman
  7. Was just offered Carson, DK, & Mixon for Cook. (FULL PPR) Should I accept? Current Roster Mahomes Cook, Chubb, Jamal Williams, Justin Jackson & Bell A-Rob, Fulgham, Diontae Johnson, Watkins & Aiyuk Hockenson & Tonyan
  8. I’m 4-0 & the guy I’m trading with is 0-4. He wants Cook & A-Rob and I was thinking of offering them for MT & A Jones. Do I need to add a small piece to the deal?
  9. Ya id say Tonyan and see if you can flip him or Waller!
  10. I would def prefer the Lamar side idk if your receiving Lamar but if your good on RB's after trading Johnson I would def do that deal. Not a huge fan of DJ either.
  11. (FULL PPR) Should I trade Dalvin Cook & Allen Robinson for D. Adams, Carson & AJ Brown???
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