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  1. He was put in the League’s concussion protocol according to Rotoworld.com :l
  2. Hield burned me once early on in my league, but I may have to give him another shot since Joerger is going to start the “youth movement” and sit some vets going forward.
  3. I’d say definitely worth a look if you have a streaming spot on your roster. Solid numbers on the road against a Warriors team without Klay and Steph. They play Sac tomorrow so it’ll be interesting to see how he handles the back to back.
  4. Took a chance and picked him up off FA pool for my only streaming spot (not the most active 12 team group). He’s looking solid recently with double digit scoring and rebounding. Plus he’s taking a decent amount of shots per game.
  5. @WarriorsPR on Twitter: “Injury report for tomorrow vs. DEN: Omri Casspi (hip contusion), Stephen Curry (left knee soreness), Draymond Green (right knee soreness), Andre Iguodala (left knee & hip soreness) & Shaun Livingston (hip tightness) are probable. Kevin Durant (right calf strain) is questionable.” Wonder if they can sit a few and give Bell some minutes.
  6. I was randomly offered DD for Al Horford a few weeks ago. Took me most of that day but I’m glad I accepted it, he’s been awesome!
  7. This is true, but in my league all his stats equaled out to eight points. And he was having multiple games in the 20’s prior. Oh well may let him go for the ex rookie of the year and suffer if Simms snaps back into it. Hope he has a great ros.
  8. I thought the guy who dropped J Simms last week even after he was having good games was crazy. I scooped him up and he’s been doing terrible for me now.. Maybe he knew something I didn’t. Oh well
  9. My 2 cents, Definitely a fair trade for beal, especially since it looks like John walls starting to get back in the swing of things, even noticed markieff starting to do better in recent games, and that might take away from Beal. Drummond is looking like a beast this year and the double doubles he puts up should help out as well in your league. Good luck
  10. Definitely Biyombo between these two. I see Bell being a way better value throughout the season. His stats are good and definitely will improve especially as he’s beginning to share starts with Zaza. (Depending on matchups)
  11. I decided to risk Evans for a 5’9 Pg from Cle today on a gut feeling. Tyreke decided to show up questionable with an injury and had me feeling a little better about the trade earlier.. until I saw he played and went off tonight. He’s definitely a tough dude and having a great season!
  12. Personally, I’d consider nance if you think you’d be able to scoop him back up later. I’m in a 12 team league so I’m not sure how much more valuable players are in deeper leagues. Jones looked great last time Teague was out (stat wise and visually on the court). But of course we won’t know for how long/if Teague will officially be out until tomorrow’s reports. I picked him up just because I missed out the first time hah Good luck
  13. Agree with the post above, personally I wouldn’t make the trade only because of whiteside’s recent reliability factor. If I could get him for just deandre I’d probably consider it more. Especially if deandre doesn’t get traded in the upcoming weeks and stays a clip. Dinwiddie is still doing great and I think dlo is about 2-3 weeks away so you may be able to trade him separately (which is what happened in my 12 man league recently), package him with someone else to get a better reliable player, or ride it out and see how he does as backup pg. Just an opinion of a new guy , Good luck
  14. Definitely since he’ll be the hot pickup as soon as everyone starts hearing about Teague. I’ll be keeping an ear out for that report myself tomorrow. No worries, hoping for the best for Jones ✊?
  15. Personally, I’d Have to agree with Espoiral, if you need the production now and need to win I’d say it was a good move because he did put up good numbers last time Teague was out and looked great visually on the court. markkanen without a doubt has been off his game recently. (Just going by the numbers because I haven’t seen him play too often) but even through this funk the bulls still see the potential in him and will feed him minutes throughout the season. Btw thanks because when I saw this I went to go pick up jones ha Good luck
  16. I would drop hield for hood. I’ve been burned by both players (went scoreless or negative) in my 12 team league but of the 2 I would rely on hood. Good luck
  17. (Im new to Fanatasy NBA) out of the options shown personally I’d look to trade Fournier and aminu if I could for Vuc. I’m in a 12 team league and I don’t think that deal would work but maybe in a 14 team where I’m assuming the FA pool doesn’t have very many alternatives. Payton and Murray in my espn league are trending up and warren is being warren so I’d try to hang on to them if I could. It'll also help you out if that person who has Vuc is in a tough spot and can’t afford to have their player out for 8weeks. Hope it helps, good luck
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