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  1. I wonder if he regrets coming east. His tenure in the Eastern Conference has been a nightmare. As deep as the West was when he was in Utah, he gave that conference the business. Ever since he left its been nothing but injuries. His first game for Boston set it off..
  2. You might wanna look at his game log. He doesn't have empty stat lines. At the moment he's starting as opposed to coming off the bench as in Portland. He was rosterable when CJ was out. So yes, he is a 12 team player now, just has to get acclimated. He was not on most wires when CJ was out.
  3. A lot of us are waiting to see what happens when Lonzo gets back. We should find out today.
  4. Yup. He gonna bust out soon. The opportunity is there. I saw him on one my wires and said nah, I'll wait til he have a good game. WRONG! You snooze you lose.
  5. I also posted pick him up now and wait and see. He's too good to be sitting on the wire.
  6. This is one of those pick him now and see what happens later before you miss out.
  7. Agree 100. Question is who's gonna be the spark off the bench?
  8. Don't cut Nurk huh? I be damn! Nurk can't do this, he might break his leg trying.
  9. Think about "The Process" and that 4-5 year tank job. You had execs complaining about Sam Hinkie for the same reasons you talking about and here we are today in 2021 and it's still going on. I agree with you though. Bottom line in the NBA, teams wanna win and teams wanna lose. Playoffs or ping-pong balls.
  10. I recognized that. Didn't need it though. Somebody will try and grab him now. It's not that bad. I beat most of em' to the punch. And usually I out bid em'. But Nurk, I don't trust him.
  11. Nope. Including G/F as well. Nurk is my weakest. Satoransky, but I need I need the dimes til Lonzo come off IL.
  12. Maybe for you. Rarely will I pick up rentals unless if it's for a extended period. I'm in 12 teamers. Now??? Brown gives me something to think about. The runway is open.
  13. I'm thinking heavily on cutting Nurkic for him. Got from now to midnight to think about it.
  14. These dudes in all 4 of my leagues are sleep!! LOL! Only reason why I'm second in one is due to injuries,
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