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  1. OHHHHH so that's what MT means I would go Adell and Mize too fwiw
  2. With XBH and OPS as categories, I would actually go Devers Buehler as locks. Not sure about the third guy, but def one of the SS.
  3. I'm betting Torkelson will have a FF trajectory, basically top 20 production. JRam is at least top 20, but he's almost 29 yrs old too. Tigers are taking the Cubs/Astros approach. Tear everything down and then keep as many players as their salary caps allows. I'm sticking with Tork
  4. I would take both trades. Trade 1 - In a 4OF league, it's even more important to fill your OF with studs. Definitely agree with you there. Since you're contending, I would take the sure things in Springer and Darvish. They might win the trade long-term but getting some value from Baez is nice too. Trade 2 - I would absolutely take. Muncy isn't going to last forever and even struggled a bit last year (granted it was COVID but still). I am concerned by Lamet's consistency and injury history, so I wouldn't mind the downgrade to Corbin.
  5. Snell. The difference between $30 and $33 is slight but Chapman and Snell? Snell all day. Another reason Snell might go longer is that he's going from Perez (53rd best in Runs Extra Strikes) and Zunino (61) to Nola (8) and Caratini (6).
  6. AL Only H2H - Up to 9 Keepers with small minor league roster (4) Give: (Torkelson) Mountcastle Glasnow Get: Jose Ramirez and (Gilbert) Likely Keepers: Bieber Glasnow Pearson Torres NLowe Judge Mancini Mountcastle
  7. I'm getting the tingles (no stats or evidence, just age) that Scherzer will bust this season. Just go heavy on SP in the draft. I'm thinking Lowe for sure. 2B is scarce and having Lemahieu plus Lowe keeps him away from the other 9 teams. Chapman had hip surgery (reduced power) and massive K concerns. I would go with Kelenic as they will likely promote him, so it doesn't look like service time manipulation. Even though it totally is. 1B - LeMahieu 2B - Lowe SS - Lindor OF - Soto Judge Kelenic SP - Flaherty
  8. Veen is definitely 2 imo. But hot take...I like Meyer as the 3rd best guy in the FYPD. I'll assume most people will take Martin 3rd but I'm guessing he'll get pushed into a depth role by Groshans and Martinez. (Assuming Bichette and Vlad stay in the infield with Biggio also moving to the bench)
  9. I'm leaning towards Bichette because he's so much younger. Sure Story will run more but he's also injury prone.
  10. Tucker, Robert, Cole, Harper, Woodruff, Judge. I like Tucker just a smidge better than Robert but can't go wrong with either. Since this is a dispersal draft, I doubt you'll be able to compete with some of the more established owners and I'm sure you could set off a bidding war for Cole to get a couple elite prospects in return. Plus, pitching is always in demand. I have Judge ranked so low because he is hurt way too often.
  11. Did the deal. Tried to make it happen without giving up Bleday, but the more I read up on Olson, the more I trust him. Was also offered Flaherty for Verdugo Kirby Ramos but I'm super high on Kirby and that trade would leave me with only Beer and India in a league requiring 6 prospects.
  12. I think I would do Tellez for $2. Cease just hasn't shown up enough for me to justify $5. His walk rate is too high despite having Grandal (one of the league's best pitch framers) behind the plate.
  13. https://www.fantraxhq.com/right-and-wrong-keston-hiuras-2021-fantasy-outlook/ I would reject it and try to find a young ace to anchor that deal instead (Gallen, Woodruff, Nola). I would be hesitant with all of the hitting metrics down on Hiura and Lewis. The two prospects would just be backups to Bichette/Luciano/Witt. And who would start at 2B in 3-5 years, Hiura or Brujan? Basically go for more pitching. If you really believed in Hiura and Lewis, the value is about right and maybe even favoring you. But the fit onto your team isn't great either.
  14. I won the league last year with JRamirez, Story, Machado, Frazier, Verdugo, THernandez, Degrom, Keuchel, and Burnes. It feels more like a roster that got hot at the right time rather than the best team up and down, but hey, first place is first place. The rising K rate scares me the most so I'm just not sure how to feel about him. He could be a buy-low or he could be a bust. I'm guessing Bleday and Libby will debut in 2021 but either on the bench or in bullpen roles. 2022 is hopefully when they secure starting spots. Another option is Kirby/Liberatore for Olson, but with Degrom and Keuche
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