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  1. I’m still very interested. Check my email ^^^^^
  2. I’m interested if still available. I know this was posted a long time ago so it is fine if it is not. I’m very active and will check daily. My email is coendemaranville@gmail.com
  3. I’m very interested and am a very active owner. Free league? Scoring? Email me at coendemaranville@gmail.com. My choices would be 1. Knights 2. Canucks 3. Sharks Thanks
  4. 10 team standard points league redraft not keeper/dynasty Do I drop flaherty for tucker? I have no utility but my starters are still lacking somewhat. Thanks
  5. I’m down coendemaranville@gmail.com I’ll be the rockets
  6. Standard small keeper league (4 keepers) Start up 16 teams 2 Flex, Deep bench with 2 IR spots 8 teams make playoffs Fun and competitive league, looking for active owners only Drop email if interested or if you have any questions
  7. @Pepsiking do you have his email where I could could contact him if it is still open?
  8. Very active owner. I’m looking for a dynasty or keeper hockey league, start up or fill in. I’m looking for a free league on ESPN. Thanks, comment if you need an owner
  9. I would be ok for any team and any format even though I would prefer points. I’m a very experienced owner who has won 10+ competitive leagues. Email me at coendemaranville@gmail.com. Thanks
  10. I’m looking for an ESPN dynasty points league. I’m a very active owner and will make moves all season no matter my standing. I also want the league to be free. I’m also good with a free ESPN dynasty points startup league. Thanks
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