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  1. 100%, I never trust PHI RBs and apparently they want to get Jordan Howard more involved for some reason.
  2. Juju/Pittman but if game gets canceled Pittman/Fulgham. Probably Duke but I like Hines too.
  3. I would go Godwin and Pittman. Brady needs to throw the football to win that game and after seeing his dreadful deep ball hopefully Arians will adjust and focus on shallow/intermediate crossing routes which Godwin excels at. Rivers spreads the ball but he obviously is starting to trust Pittman. I don’t think Titans will be able to pressure Rivers very well, giving him time to throw more.
  4. I’d 100% drop Lindsay. Even if Gordon were to get hurt I really don’t trust that team. The other guys are startable in a pinch for sure.
  5. Tricky because more positive tests keep coming for Baltimore...I’d go JuJu overall but be prepared to pivot. Duke would be second but he plays today, so if you want to avoid the possibility of game cancellation I’d go with him, good matchup.
  6. I’d go Cousins, he isn’t injured like Stafford and (likely) won’t be missing his top option like Stafford. Advice?
  7. I’d go Duke, the matchup is too good. Advice?
  8. 12 team 1 point PPR. Team: QB: Herbert RBs: Gurley, Henry, Hunt, Latavius, Jamaal Williams, Brian Hill WRs: Hopkins, Jefferson, ARob, Antonio Brown, Mike Williams, Deebo TE: Hock I’m being offered Kupp for Gurley. I know that would kind of kill a chunk of RB depth, but I’m playoff-bound and am worried about Gurley’s knee and schedule. Kupp seems to be the higher upside player with more points potential even though I have some good WRs. Should I ship out Gurley for Kupp? Or stay put? Thanks WHIR
  9. Personally I like your WRs and think they will be fine. In a 14 teamer I think having a deep RB bench is huge, I wouldn’t be so eager to trade one away. Maybe if you could get Kelce? However streaming TEs this year has been a legit strategy and it’s not like the ones you have are bad. Personally I would hold off on trading unless you could get Kelce.
  10. His other RBs are Gaskin, Harris, and Henderson.
  11. If you think Ekeler is going to come back alright later this season and you have a good record now, it’s not a bad deal. MT is the soul of that team next to Kamara. I would be hesitant to make that deal if my record wasn’t at least 3-1 though. As far as QB, I would go Bridgewater > Herbert > Ben
  12. If you had to make a drop I’d for sure drop Moss. Slayton might blow up this week.
  13. 12 team PPR. My Jonathan Taylor and Deebo Samuel for his Keenan Allen and Mark Ingram. My other RBs are Zeke, Hunt, Gibson, and Hines. My other WRs are Godwin, Woods, Moore, Slayton, Gage. Double flex league. What do you think? Thanks!
  14. I would do this 100%. Can’t trust Mixon or Diggs and Carson is a horse.
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