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  1. I added him. Worth a flier for someone with proven top-100 potential and provides the exact stats that my team currently needs. The Wolves have a b2b tomorrow and Friday so he’s already a solid stream candidate.
  2. Just got this guy as a trade throw in. He seems droppable in 12t leagues. What’s his story? Should I hold for now?
  3. Thinking of trading Gharris for Markkanen and IT. Is Markk the real deal this year? What’s with his stocks?
  4. Best offer I’ve received for him was RoCo. I’m holding tight.
  5. Pretty much this. I desperately needed 3s as well as a 2nd pg for punt assists. I already have KAT, Capela, Aldridge, and Whiteside to round out my big man stats.
  6. Just shipped Montrezl Harrell for Jamal Murray.
  7. Not sure how much this constitutes a buy low/sell high but I just traded Montrezl Harrell for Jamal Murray.
  8. Trying to buy low on LMA. He’s asking for Klay straight up. Do I gain any value here?
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