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  1. close but i lean Godwin vs that awful Lions pass D over Wilson since it is PPR. thanks for mine
  2. Brown unless gibson out then mckissic koo bears plz see mine
  3. Flex If zeke and J rob out Id rank em Pollard> Henderson but its close TE I would not trust Kittle first game back and 3rd string QB so go Tonyan plz see mine
  4. depends on injury status. rob prob least likely to play then gibson. so for now Wilson and Fournette but I would rate rob over both. have to play wilson fournette since they are sat games. wilson no mostert so volume and LF great matchup plz see mine
  5. Hurts - great matchup, on fire, runs even more than Watson Thomas plz see mine
  6. Hockensen - dont play player coming back first week after several weeks off plz see mine
  7. leaning bench drake SAT play Wilson SAT SUN jrob if he plays otherwise Coutee sound right?
  8. Mike Davis - dont get cute. CMC and Moore are out I may consider cOutee over Parker as Tua hurts his production Please see mine
  9. agree mclaurin auto start then mike davis due to opportunity of CMC and Moore out plz see mine
  10. part 1 bench conner --- pit run game is now screens to JJ part 2 probably atkins with fuller out
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