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  1. Long story short -- I was in dynasty league for the last couple years that's going to disband so I'm looking to start up a new one, using some of the things I liked from the old one and tweaking and streamlining some other things. Hoping to make it fun, active and very competitive with owners that will want to stick around long term. The goal is to fill the league and get a slow draft started by March 1 -- earlier if we can get everyone on board quickly. I'm posting the constitution below. If you are interested or have any questions, here is the email I have set up for the league: thedy
  2. It's 2020. Not so fast my friend... Davey Martinez says Tanner Rainey has forearm tightness and is going to take a few days off
  3. I'd like to congratulate myself on jinxing Mr. Ginkel. Only took three days for him to be sent down.
  4. I was just thinking the same thing. Nastiest stuff in the pen if he can limit the walks.
  5. I would say that the evidence clearly points to Ginkel being the guy. Not only did they give him the first save opportunity out of the gate, but after he blew that one they gave him the next one right away when the whole bullpen was available, purposely lining it up for him by pitching all the other candidates in front of him -- Lopez, Guerra, Rondon and Crichton -- and he nailed it down. He would have been the obvious choice to take over at the beginning of the year after being lights out in 2019, but his numbers were awful (and still are) at the time of the Bradley trade so I think most
  6. This seems to indicate not much has changed as far as Giles is concerned... Giles (forearm) was transferred to the Blue Jays' 45-day injured list Saturday, Mike Wilner of Sportsnet 590 The Fan reports. Giles' move to the 45-day IL is simply procedural as he'll still be eligible to return as early as Sept. 10. The right-hander has made good progress while recovering from a strained flexor mass in his right forearm, although a specific timetable for his return still hasn't been established.
  7. Hirano strikes out the side to nail down the save. I'm going to choose to ignore the solo shot and declare him the guy in Seattle.
  8. It's Bryan Garcia in for Tigers in the ninth with the 10-8 lead. I think I'm done chasing Tigers save chances.
  9. Not sure exactly what happened since I didn't see the play but it appears Royals reliever got knocked out of the game by injury on a comebacker. KC elects to go to Holland down 2-0 in the sixth. Kind of odd usage for a guy that was looking like the closer.
  10. So Ciserno was trash tonight and is not good in general, and it angers me that I am such a slave to saves that I picked him up, but I just saw the game-winning hit. Absolute routine grounder to short that Buxton turned on the jets and beat out. That's a tough one to lose on.
  11. Tony Bass blows one as well. Stellar night for mediocre-to-bad closers than shouldn't really be closing.
  12. I hope no one in my main league is up late enough to see this Ginkel development. He was dropped after he blew one the other day and is on waivers for another couple hours. Looks like they clearly want him to be the guy considering they used almost their entire bullpen and lined it up for him to work the ninth.
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