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  1. Ain't no room at DH the way the Yerminator is rolling
  2. Hoping this is the case. Or maybe they wanted to make sure he was in the game if Trout got the plate with a runner on, which is currently the situation. Still mildly concerning.
  3. Hicks pitching for STL in the sixth. I know they announced Reyes as closer but that seems pretty far up the high-leverage pecking order
  4. So I guess if we have journeyman Jesse Hahn and a just about cooked Greg Holland sharing saves that the Staumont thing isn't going to happen this year...
  5. He didn't with the Red Sox, but during his entire tenure he either had Foulke or Papelbon at his disposal so I wouldn't read too much into it. As old school as Tito may seem, I think he is actually pretty progressive as far as bullpen usage -- I think of him using Andrew Miller in a multi-inning role early in games during the playoffs as an example. I wouldn't be surprised if he rolls with a committee for a while until the roles sort themselves out,
  6. Yikes. Not exactly an inspiring final tune-up. Looks like not only was he getting hit, but the 3 BB is worrisome.
  7. With the PT issues, Kirk seems like the perfect guy to pair with another guy in a one catcher, daily league -- you play him when he is in the lineup and play the other guy when he is not -- if you can spare the roster spot. Did that with Kiner-Falefa (Yahoo eligible) with a couple of late picks and hoping it turns out to be a pretty effective combo.
  8. I assume that we have already had the Romano vs. Dolis discussion on this thread but it just got real with Blue Jays announcing Yates will go under the knife....
  9. He stole 43 in 163 minor league games, but was also caught 19 times, which is not ideal.
  10. Long story short -- I was in dynasty league for the last couple years that's going to disband so I'm looking to start up a new one, using some of the things I liked from the old one and tweaking and streamlining some other things. Hoping to make it fun, active and very competitive with owners that will want to stick around long term. The goal is to fill the league and get a slow draft started by March 1 -- earlier if we can get everyone on board quickly. I'm posting the constitution below. If you are interested or have any questions, here is the email I have set up for the league: thedy
  11. It's 2020. Not so fast my friend... Davey Martinez says Tanner Rainey has forearm tightness and is going to take a few days off
  12. I'd like to congratulate myself on jinxing Mr. Ginkel. Only took three days for him to be sent down.
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