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  1. Thread topic says the draft is Tuesday, March 26. The league details inside say draft is Wednesday, March 27. Which day is the draft?
  2. The one I mailed you from earlier is connected with my ESPN account. skunk206@aol.com
  3. I don't want to play winner take all. Paying out 3, even with only 8 teams, should keep people more engaged deep into the season.
  4. Looks like 4 are in so far. I'm keeping an eye on this.
  5. I really want to talk myself into this but I'm in the Eastern time zone and midnight is awfully late, ha. I was hoping something was still available for 10 pm or 11 pm Eastern.
  6. The payment deadline is May 1? What happens if someone joins the league and doesn't pay by May 1?
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