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  1. I saw him play a year and a half ago in a single a all star game and was shocked by how big he actually was because I was just looking at stats and saw he had no home runs. But man he has great size. I think growing up his coaches always had him hit the ball on the ground to use his speed and he has had to learn a new swing, but now he is starting to shower his power potential. I think he could easily be a 20 homer guy in the majors plus elite defense and great speed. Intriguing prospect for sure.
  2. Yea if this was a dynasty league then the other guy easily won. If this is a one year redraft then you easily won
  3. Yea Nola is the safer bet but if you are getting Thor and Flahrty I take that deal every time. Personally I like Thor better than Nola if they are both healthy any way
  4. Give me Puig easily. I think he has a great year playing full time hitting in the middle of a good lineup in Cincy.
  5. If you need pitching I have no problem with that deal at all
  6. Considering I’m a Clemson Fan and A Beer fan he is my guy from this draft class as well
  7. I like Berrios a lot and own him in all 3 of my dynasty leagues but I make that deal. Darvish still has some years left in the tank in my opinion and Haniger should be a top 20 outfielder for the next few years. It all depends on if you think Darvish will come back and be healthy
  8. Chisholm is my prospect crush. Wouldn’t go after Pache not enough offensive upside. I really don’t like India that much. I like Paddack better than Mize but could be swayed either way. Mize has the higher upside, but I think Paddack is going to be a solid starter for a long time
  9. Yea I’m liking this trade for you. I’m not sold on Ray long term and Moncada still has huge upside
  10. Betts is probably the 2nd best keeper in the league. Bryant I think is being undervalued this year but is somewhere in the 15-25 range
  11. Well In that case yea definitely take Alonso. I thought you were taking him 4th in a startup dynasty league and I was going to say there are atleast 20 prospects I would take before him in that. But no he’s great Value in that league
  12. 4th overall in a prospect draft? What is the pool. I like Alonso but that seems awful high
  13. Yea depends on the league. I’m an upside guy so I lean towards Eloy because I don’t trust Bauer long term and I think Eloy turns into a star.
  14. All kind of depends on how the draft is going and how fast people are drafting prospects. Vlad JR is clearly The top prospect but with the hype is going to be damn near impossible to get unless you have a mid 2nd round pick and want to take him. Once Vlad is taken I would wait a round or 2 and try to get one of Tatis Jr or Eloy Jimenez. After that my next target would be Wander Franco. You can probably wait a little while on him. Forrest Whitley is your top pitching prospect. If you want a good pitching prospect that contributes this year I would target Chris Paddack, Mike Soroka, Alex Reyes m
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