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  1. Stay with Galo. He ll come good as soon as he gets to midseason form. Hunter is going to miss some time so the minutes will definately be in high 20s and 30s and thats enough for him
  2. Also his ranking is way higher than it really is, because the Knicks played 26 games and he is yet to miss a game. You have many good players ranked lower because of the fewer games played
  3. He is a steady 1-2 blocks guy but I expected more monster games with 4-5 blocks, considering the fact he is playing like 30 minutes on most nights. He should average 2- 2.5 blocks per game as a block specialist.
  4. Its hard because they fail in both drafting and developing young players.
  5. Coby white is more like a gamble, not a buy low. Impatient owners will probably drop him soon and even if you trade for him what lower then a late round or a waiwer pick can you offer?
  6. More like buy low on Ayton and sell high on Boucher deal. I ll take Capella any day over Boucher. Wood is somewhat better then Ayton but you didnt won the trade.
  7. I picked him up in 3rd round in my 11 teams RoTo league and he went 2nd round in my 14 teams h2h league. He went between 20 and 30 in almost any draft. I had doubts between him and Gobert and the only reason I picked him is because he has a better ft%. I knew he ll get less shots this year but I also thought he ll be more effective with Cp3. As long as his fg% is close to 60% , gets me double digits rebounds and some blocks and does not hurt my ft% I am happy with him. In a RoTo league settings, thats more then enough. The most imporant thing is that he is healthy and playing high
  8. I ll take that assists increse instead of points any day.
  9. He does not belong to the waivers , he ll be picked up as soon someone drops him. He hurts your fg% but has many other categories to boost you up. His role in this team completely changed with Ball and Hayward. He has less usage but has less TOs and his TOs to assist and steals ratio is elite. He just need to adjust and be more of a catch and shoot 3 guy and he ll get it going. Any given night when they are shooting the ball well, he is going to have 6+ assists. I like this Charlotte team.
  10. The good thing is that Memphis got back to playoff spot so with healthy Morant and JJJ they will be pushing for that playoffs. I think Memphis being patient and cautios with his rehab is a good thing for the rest of the season outlook for him. I expect maybe 2-3 games with minutes restriction before he starts playing 30 minutes a game.
  11. He is an easy double double guy now. He ll play 25 minutes on most nights, will get some easy lobs and dunks with Harden and he was always a rebounding specialist.
  12. Dude just takes days out of work whenever he wants and it started from last season. He is a bad proffesional and a bad teammate. I dont care how talented he is, he is a dumbass who doesnt care for noone other then himself and it looks the basketball is like a hobby to him now.
  13. He is underperforming but not like he is that bad. I dont mind his lack of scoring but the stocks should be way up, like double up. I got him in 3rd round of my draft. If he stays healthy and plays a full season I still think he can get back that value by the end.
  14. Jamal is buy low candidate. His usage just goes up and down and I dont know whats the case here. He takes 20 shots one game and the next one he takes like 10 shots. Its not like Denver are stacked offensively. He needs to step up and take those shots in order for them to make the playoffs because Garry Harris, Barton and Morris are just too unconsistent.
  15. He is great. I passed on him in my league draft because I had already drafted Ayton Mitchell and Wood and hinted my friend in the same league to pick him up with his last pick because he had no block specialist and it was spot on. His per minute stats are elite.
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