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  1. love Arenado, but honestly I'd prefer Vlad. He is that safe. And that talented. and so young. mmmmm
  2. in a 2-catcher league I think the assuredness of Bart (high floor) at a super weak position makes him borderline top-3 material. But I have weird taste. OTPOMH I'd rank them: 1. Wander Franco 2. Yusei Kikuchi 2. Nolan Gorman 3. Jonathan India 4. Joey Bart 5. Nick Madrigal 6. Trevor Larnach 7. Nico Hoerner 8. Jered Kelenic 9. Seth Beer 10. Casey Mize 11. Jordyn Adams 12. Malcom Nunez 13. Xavier Edwards 14. Travis Swaggerty 15. Victor Victor Mesa 16. Alek Thomas 17. Ethan Hankins 1
  3. thanks everyone I declined the Calhoun/Kingery/Adell/Orelvis offer... I aggressively drafted Willie and Kingery in our inaugural draft... and I think I'd be giving up on them too soon. It's a bit sentimental - and Robles is eletric - but the potential for future regret was too high there but I put out this offer -- figure it will be enticing given the trade partner badly needs a youth movement Jo Adell, Kevin Smith, Antonio Cabello, Orelvis Martinez We'll see what happens next...
  4. oh man... you basically echoed all my thoughts and reasons for wanting to pull the trigger I already declined but I'm exploring similar offers
  5. so uhh... I apologize for being slightly deceitful... but this actually wasn't a trade It's the net gain/loss from all my dynasty trades starting in 2017, our inaugural draft And I really, really appreciate all the input. I'd been 2nd guessing myself. I think without my disastrous Snell+Dozier for Kieboom+Verdugo trade, it would be far easier to say which side came out on top. For a while I regretted flipping Andujar for Pache... but Pache is looking phenomenal and the upside is quite a bit higher imo. P.S. I have another one on the table... looking
  6. 20-team dynasty Tank team with lots of young studs (Bregman, Vladdy, Xander, JoAdell) I'd say my first crack at contention will be 2020 I was offered Victor Robles for these four players: Jo Adell, Willie Calhoun, Scott Kingery, Orelvis Martinez Is Robles dynamic enough to be worth it? And how much of a surefire fantasy star is Jo Adell? I'm not particularly worried about positions... so I'm thinking more in a 'pound-for-pound-' kind of sense thanks, WHIR
  7. is this a free league? also is it daily or weekly lineups? thanks
  8. hey there... any chance there are dynasty spots available? I've been looking for a dynasty right in this price range 


    how many minor league spots are there?

    I've never played points... is there anything crucial to know?




  9. Hi. I've been looking for a league that meets the following criteria, with no luck: -Roto -14+ teams -deep Minors > $50 per year if any new dynasty leagues are looking for team owners, I'm interested. Thanks
  10. that's tough so you've got to choose four of Trout, Arenado, Machado, Guerrero, Soto, Acuna As much as I love Soto, he's the bottom rank for me. In terms of keeper values I'd rank them: Trout Acuna Machado Arenado Guerrero Soto I understand going with Vladdy due to his generational pedigree and age... but Machado is more proven and is only 26. I mean, he won't even be 32 until 2025. That's a long time from now. Dropping Arenado is more plausible, but he has incrementally improved each year and there are few pl
  11. that's borderline blasphemy .... I think he'd be fairly decent in the bigs right now. Folks be treatin' him like Cal Quantrill.
  12. forgot to mention: it was only possible with the help of this Prospect Farm credit where credit is due
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