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  1. he's super raw but I like his potential and his fire. portland traded two picks to move up in the draft to get him and they let Ed Davis go in free agency to free up time for him. It may be wayyy to early but I picked him with my last pick in a 12 team keeper league. what do yall think are realistic expectations for him this season?
  2. what do yall think about his long term dynasty outlook?
  3. what do you guys think about kanter's long term outlook? he says he wants to stay with the knicks but has he reached his ceiling? would you trade for him in a dynasty league? (covington for kanter/barnes)
  4. someone's offering me harrison barnes and kanter for lord cov in a dynasty league. I dont love the deal but I really need the extra help with playoffs coming up (already lost butler and steph to injury). I could also use the consistency.
  5. skal has burned me in the past with his inconsistency. I'm just not sure if he can put it all together. Also, the kings management/rotation is a serious deterrent. I picked him up but Im torn between him and noel (who can put up legit stocks in limited minutes)
  6. I would go for noel as well. He has proven value- albeit in limited sample size. It remains to be seen whether the Mavs are interested in retaining him or whether they want to showcase him. His relationship with the team is a mystery to me. Isaac at this point seems too raw and he has a bit of competition. I do like his long term upside though
  7. This. this dude was a block specialist in college- which typically translates well to the pros. not sure why he hasn't been getting blocks at anywhere near the same rate.
  8. finally dropped him after holding all season.... too inconsistent. if he ever starts getting consistent minutes i will scoop him back up
  9. this dude was a baller in college- was a bit surprised he didn't make it in the league till now. ive already submitted my waiver wire request to pick him up
  10. just traded for lavine in my league- hoping he takes his game to another level as the undisputed alpha dog.
  11. id be surprised if he returns that soon from a concussion.
  12. He's been killing it lately but yall think he can keep this up? I'm in a 12 team keeper league and someone offered me McCollum ($13) and Saric ($4) for Butler ($18). The end of my bench is weak so I would benefit from 2 quality players but not sure i wanna give up butler- especially if he keeps playing at this level.
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