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  1. I agree with you, also should've mentioned its a 14 teamer that I'm pretty short on starting pitcher where I'm buying.
  2. I'm buying in dynasty if we're being honest, start him on road bench at home
  3. Sooner rather than later it will be Buttrey's job, unless they would rather use him as like a Josh Hader and use in the highest leverage situations.
  4. I think it's about where he will be at, but batting second I'd knock down the RBI and add some runs. But realistically combined I see his Runs and RBI totals around 160
  5. .240 AVG 30 HR 95 RBI 70 Runs seems fair in my opinion and I'll say a .330-.350 OBP
  6. I don't see how you could say no to this unless you really think Lindor's injury is bad but you're taking the better CP, better SS, losing out on Brantley but that's not a huge loss considering what you're gaining
  7. 65 is great if you're in a roto league in my opinion... Might take the risk around 50 for him if I don't love anybody else
  8. Only thing I'd be somewhat worried about since its points based is if you get negative points for K's bc Mondesi but I like the team
  9. That's what I was thinking... I have Chapman as my main 3b anyway and having Upton as another OF would be good since I'd have JD Martinez, Tommy Pham, Aaron Hicks, Justin Upton, Eloy Jimenez and then can mess around with Schwarber and Zobrist
  10. Was offered Justin Upton for Moose. Roto league with OBP AVG XBH R RBI HR SB. Leaning towards taking it any other thoughts? Moose is in my util spot so position doesn't mean much.
  11. 3 bucks is a big time steal... I think he's a 10-18 dollar guy even with the arm concerns
  12. Don't have a clue but the guy I am targeting from TB is Alvarado. Was quality last year and did save 8 games so it's not gonna be something that new for him. Plus 2.39 ERA, 2.27 FIP, just over a 1 WHIP. and over a K per inning. That's stuff I'll buy into
  13. I'm interested Email rob.keane23@gmail.com and robnoxious@gmail.com from LI would love to get in. Also may have another person interested.
  14. I may be interested email rob.keane23@gmail and robnoxious@gmail.com
  15. I may be interested please email rob.keane23@gmail and robnoxious@gmail.com
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