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  1. I am desperately tryna sell this dude so hard right now
  2. If Gaskin does have COVID, I wonder if Washington will have value next week
  3. My guess is Lynn won't use him too much in between the tackles to limit physicality in lieu of potential reinjury but def as their primary pass-catching option & change of pace back. Honestly, Ekeler still went bonkers last year after MG3 returned as the first & second down work horse. He really doesn't need much usage to be a RB1, especially in Week 12's RB climate. If I had him, I'd start him in the flex for sure and probably as an RB2 also unless I had strong options. Plus, one thing we know for sure... Herbert checks down to his backfield real well if his initial reads are in tight
  4. Playing Hill in the flex over Robby Anderson fwiw
  5. Would've indeed been the TE1 every expert unanimously ranked him as this week had he caught that. I'm happy he's at least running long routes & getting looks from Carr outside of the slot. Targets will always be there but this can be seen as a silver lining in what looked like a meh week based off point total
  6. Lol, Mike Thomas got one too many TD looks and didn't do a thing with them. Not saying they were all his fault, some bad passes for sure. One thing we know for sure tho is that Kamara should be top dawg on this team. Couple red zone looks in the fourth quarter when coverage was tight as a virgin's p00n & Jameis still tried to squeeze in passes to his WRs in attempts to pop that cherry while Alvin waived his arms on the side, frustrated, seemingly thinking maybe he could have done more with his shiftiness & YAC ability Albeit ugly as hell, still a great game for Saints & K
  7. Salvon Ahmed is what everyone hoped Pope would be L M A O Wonder how many people 1) actually picked him up and 2) played him also
  8. From Game Day Weather 2020 Thread, courtesy of @Bugs bunny: With Bugs' track record of unbiased takes & nuanced knowledge as a local, I am still personally starting Chark Good looks Bugs🤜 🤛
  9. U Sittin' Sidewayz & Drivin' Slow, homie... while everybody else standing up ALL HANDS ON DECK on this revving HYPE TRAIN This is RW Forums, Paul Don't regret this, Wall
  10. What if it's coach speak to keep AP in the shadows for dare I say.... a revenge game???? Siiiiiiiiike
  12. With crazy winds & Shenault out, it would be smart to move Chark around and play him in the slot more than usual to keep the defense guessing. Would also bode well for his fantasy value I wouldn't put my money on Dougie Marrone making a smart adjustment to his gameplan, though
  13. How dare you... Carson is the hero Eagles fans need but don't deserve
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