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  1. Is the team still available? Please email me at bryceisright3 @ gmail.com Thanks
  2. I'll take the invite. Seanericharper@gmail.com I Have been playing in keeper leagues for over 10 years now.
  3. I will also take an invite. Thanks, sounds like fun. Seanericharper@gmail.com
  4. I am interested right now. Please email heather.boo.hm@gmail.com Thanks
  5. I will take the open spot if it is still avaiable. Seanericharper@gmail.com
  6. I would like an invite. This league sounds awesome. Heather.boo.hm@gmail.com
  7. I will take an invite if the spot is still avaiable. Heather.boo.hm@gmail.com
  8. I'll take a team if they are still avaiable. Heather.boo.hm@gmail.com
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