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  1. ayton is pretty underwhelming too right now. allen is still the better fantasy player over the season even with those sh*tty games.
  2. LaMelo alone is better than Ingram, with Sexton added to the deal its so bad for the ingram side, id veto it.
  3. With whiteside you're not a contender anymore
  4. if you punt assists go for brunson.
  5. I agree. Hunter 100% no doubt.
  6. Which side would you rather have? obv. Beal is the best player in that trade (league has no TO) but Whiteside is basically worthless and LaVert is already ramping up.
  7. i doubt it. they will play PJ for sure.
  8. with 35 games left i guess hes gonna play 25 at best.
  9. which side would you rather have?
  10. late march is the best case scenario, i wouldnt count on his return that early.
  11. over the last 15 days allen beats ayton in every single cat except FT. he crushes him in boards, blocks, points. with drummond gone allen is just the better player. but at the time you made an okayish trade no doubt. you never know how things turn out.
  12. Derrick White, Keldon Johnson, Rudy Gay, Devin Vassell and Quinndary Weatherspoon all out due to the COVID-19 protocols. Who is gonna see increased minutes on the spurs roster tonight?
  13. trading for him early in the season payed off big time. next year he is gonna be a 3 rounder.
  14. if that trade happened in my league id veto it 100%. You would get robbed man.
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