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  1. So.... What's going on with Joc Pederson??
  2. Hey there, In a dynasty league. I've had amazing luck with my outfield prospects over the years that my worst outfielder is Clint Frazier. When watching Akil, i'm getting clint frazier vibes with the bat speed/skills but with WAY more steals potential. Obviously the biggest factor between the two is the teams they play for but since i'm in dynasty, i have no problem waiting for the tigers to get better. Would you swap Clint Frazier for Akil?
  3. anyone think trey burke can be a consistent provider of points or is this recent surge all smoke?
  4. If you can get paul george for those two then pull that trigger. PG is a monster this year and in regular season in general when healthy
  5. 18 Team. Auction League. 9CAT My team build is built around FG%, PTS, REB, BLKs and TO I have WCS and hes been serviceable in my build but i was wondering if ya'll think i should consider swapping him for Jarred? WCS has been starting and he's always been a high FG/REB with the potential to have stocks when given minutes and I was thinking maybe he continues in the 5 position in order to protect kristaps from banging down low. He also brings the mavs length with the WCS + Kristaps combo but i noticed that he might have a short leash minutes wise especially when he makes a mistake.
  6. What i didn't like about the above video showing the possessions is that he didn't once roll hard to the rim. Just kind of stood in place after the pick with his hands open even when he had clear path to roll hard when they doubled the ball handler. Which is odd because that to me seems like something which would have been drilled into him in college no? I havn't watched his college games but anyone know if he prefers to the pick and pop vs the pick and roll?
  7. What? It would be better in houston as i'd imagine he would be first PG behind john wall.
  8. not surprised, having to guard Jokic who is probably the craftiest center in generation. But what's good is that he was there to close out the game i believe or atleast he played some in overtime which is a good sign to me
  9. As a toronto homer and raptors fan, this is the correct answer. With his thin body he relies entirely on his reach to try to rebound but will never be able to gain box out position against majority of the NBA centers. He's quick enough and has great length that i think he would be best as a help side defender at the 4 spot as his ability to close out on a shooter at the 3point line is really good due to his length/stride. Problem with our team is that Siakiam is at the 4. Whereas i feel like Boucher should be played similar to kristaps at the 4 as he can't bang with the centers at the
  10. Has anyone been watching the games? I'm just curious if this is a case of bad team good stats or it is looking like Jeremi Grant is actually better than we thought?
  11. Read through that article posted about ayton. Tad concerned that he said hes totally okay with not getting as much touches. Great for the suns because they are playing winning basketball. Bad news for fantasy tho. Dude is being turned into deandre jordan
  12. There's rusty but he physically looks like he's having trouble moving laterally to be honest. Even his strides up and down the court look short. I'm just telling you as someone who works with bodies as a profession and watched demarcus for a long time. Demarcus was amazing beacuse of how big he is and how graceful his feet moved. He just isn't moving well from what i can see
  13. Umm... not gonna lie but he doesn't seem to move well up and down the court. His movements just aren't the graceful yet powerful DeMarcus of the past which makes me sad. John wall looks pretty good just needs to find his shot. But demarcus legit looks stiff as a board moving on the court
  14. 9 CAT. Salary Keeper league. 18 teams. Keeper tax of $10 per year kept. I have an offer for my paul george ($40) for his drummond ($41). For context, I havn't been able to make use of PG's elite ft% due to zion just destroying my teams FT% and i'm also below average in 3's. With Zion on my team, i was wondering if this makes sense in terms of just punting FT% and building around zion by trading for drummond? Thanks
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