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  1. We're digressing a bit here. Back to LBJ's fantasy value. Late seasons rest is a concern. For those who sold recently, care to share what you got in return?
  2. Don't forget what kind of injury he came back from. Guy's a warrior
  3. It's safe to say he's in a mini slump for his standard
  4. Jrue due back and Zion scheduled to debut on Thursday as well. I'd be interesting to see how the complete roster fair against Jazz and what Favor's numbers would look like.
  5. So true, back to nightly blowouts. Youth movement, Zion and all that, you tank but not to an embarrassing extend so I assume they'd play him as much as possible.
  6. No matter it's home or opponent court. Play like trash against trash like cavs twice in a row. Time to move on
  7. I am starting to think even with the minutes he'd still be irrelevant. If you can't do it against the Cavs... Plus he's very allergic to stocks it seems.
  8. Congratulations on being the latest victims of fantasy hype scam.
  9. I agree he wouldn't be undrafted on a 12 teamer. He's on my do-not-draft list but I'd still spend a final round pick on him. It's just been too shocking the drastic decline. Get well soon lob city founder.
  10. My point is Blake's drop off between this and last season is larger than Conley's, probably largest ever.
  11. Decent game today that's two in a row. Against the Clipper D too. He's kind of a handcuff to Blake who has still has 92% angry owners on Yahoo.
  12. I have to make a case for Blake here who had slightly better numbers last season. Also pathetically Conley did more good to owners sitting than Blake playing this season.
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