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    46 minutes ago, vnmslsrbms said:

    Come on man, it's not easy moving to mormon country.  He's too good not to bounce back, but it is a hamstring situation.  Hope he sits out a full month or so to really get it healed. 

    My point is Blake's drop off between this and last season is larger than Conley's, probably largest ever. 

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  1. 18 hours ago, flat_eric said:


    Lol I traded Bertans for BroLo just as he went on his hot streak. The shot has got to start falling sooner or later.

    Straight up? If so props I still like BroLo's rest of the season outlook better. Unlike Blake Griffin, I see him turning it around and historically he performs slightly better post all star. 


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  2. 8 minutes ago, m1dday said:


    Watching the game. Dude looks like he doesn't wanna play out there. Just lets KP blow past him lol

    Then I'd guess what happened in the summer would be him realizing he doesn't have the star power to recruit anyone significant and they remain a team with nothing to play for. Hence he doesn't want to play. How are the chances he gets moved?

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