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  1. Double out scoring the Rockets. Might as well rename the team Houston beard.
  2. It's embarrassing not to win with this guy on your team. With the right build, it shouldn't be too difficult. However I must be doing something wrong hanging 7th in my 12man h2h standard league
  3. Oh my he cold, ice cold. Has anyone been watching his game? Any insight?
  4. The Pistons do look tired and it's the same story tonight and it looks like Dru is on his way to another lackluster game. Can't believe he can't shake the Kings' front court.
  5. Why you gotta tank our percentages like that? Nvm the ft don't tell me mcgee/chandler/zubac shut you down
  6. Out again. That erases any doubt on whether he's a softy. Consistant pts n 3s with a surprise upkick in ast are nice but the dnps man. He and Lowry added to do-not-draft list
  7. I see a trend in MVP winners since 2008. Harden on 3! 1 2 3
  8. Trading him for either Walker or Beal would be a long shot for the exact reasons you mentioned. On the other hand what deals did you pull to have BOTH Harden and AD on your roster?
  9. So you're telling me from the Hawk's perspective, Young the Curry, Huerter Klay and Prince KD. That's more like garage sale. But when is the main man on this thread due back though? Any updates?
  10. Be a professional and practice those free throws you bum. At this point I can't even sell you cheap. Seriously a guard/forward with FT% this bad is hard to come by
  11. Called it. To take the bad news, think back to where you drafted/picked him up for. Last overall pick for me.
  12. Lol anything below 30 and 4 threes is unacceptable!
  13. Please don't lose minutes to Zubac. It's only 18/11/2 on 90% shooting. Please don't.
  14. Yea this must be it. Didn't expect him to miss 3 n counting. Come back and bring us those blocks
  15. OK I'm officially regretting the trade. Not that Gobert or Dru aren't producing but Vuc is just beast
  16. Lack of stocks but I aint complaining. Other stats make up for it
  17. Same here I've lowered my expectations which weren't realistic. Beef with Spo is real; never should've taken that dump
  18. Finally producing that early 2nd round value we were all expecting. Drop another 70 in Boston!
  19. I'd like to know more also. What's the chance of him getting back in business tomorrow?
  20. I dropped him right before Dipo went down and he was then picked up on waiver by someone. And you know how that went, no regrets. Sunk cost.
  21. Typical game from Dru but I'm still not sure if I made the right move to trade Vuc for him straight up
  22. Drafted him 97th overall and it's been my biggest mistake other than dropping Bagley.
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