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  1. 10 hours ago, kobebryant24 said:

     Could we just talk about how much a monster this guy has been? Nearly averaging 34 points per game. 

    And 8 dimes on the side..

    to whoever drafted him, you’re a smart man. 

    It's embarrassing not to win with this guy on your team. With the right build, it shouldn't be too difficult. However  I must be doing something wrong hanging  7th in my 12man h2h standard league

  2. 2 hours ago, socal.trades714@yahoo.com said:



    Roster is in my signature and while that is true of any player, I believe it is more true of players on teams that have no incentive to win.  


    When I say sell high, I mean trade Booker for a player of similar production (perhaps slightly less) but with less chance of rest.  Say a Kemba Walker?  Bradley Beal? 


    Trading him for either Walker or Beal would be a long shot for the exact reasons you mentioned.  On the other hand what deals did you pull to have BOTH Harden and AD on your roster? 

  3. 8 hours ago, Eltoro said:

    They really are trying to build their own version of the Warriors--it's why they traded down from Doncic to Young--but at this point it's basically a Dollar Store version of the Warriors. 

    So you're telling me from the Hawk's perspective, Young the Curry,  Huerter Klay and Prince KD. That's more like garage sale.


    But when is the main man on this thread due back though? Any updates?


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  4. 23 hours ago, Goku said:


    McGee's locked in, if anything he'll take minutes off Chandler. 


    11 hours ago, Extradition said:

    On 710 AM ESPN LA this morning Luke mentioned how, given Zubac's play of late, he would like to give McGee rest on back-to-backs in the future and also ease him back. Just something to think about if you own McGee. 

    Called it. To take the bad news, think back to where you drafted/picked him up for. Last overall pick for me.

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