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  1. Rumor has it the Lakers are interested in Ariza. It'd definitely hurt him but imagine they be swapped 😋
  2. Mofo owe us! They lost the game though so if I were a Nuggets fan I wouldn't know what to think.
  3. Now's the time to panic and freak out. If the season ends and next season begins like this I doubt anyone will draft Jokic 1st round.
  4. Bad match up getting shut down by DJ and Gasol. What's the excuse now against cavs?
  5. Can't deny Milsap's presence hurts Jokic's stats. He took 10 shots total in the last two games. Usage rate and touches aside, the team's offensive flow changed. Maybe given time they can integrate well; until proven, Jokic has lost 1st-rounder status.
  6. 23pts on 9/19 shooting exceeds my expectation. Hopefully it's an indication he's done constructing buildings. Strong hold yes?
  7. Hopefully he will snap out of this trash shooting, just not today, not today Can't help but think he getting jumped over mentally destroyed him
  8. From building a mansion to a castle, I guess the tough Celtics n Bucks back court defense got him
  9. Malone has a rare disease called can't start Jokic at center; it has no cure.
  10. Bump. Also Parker due back before the All Star Break, will his return be a negative impact? I'd expect Brogdon's usage rate to take a hit but also hope Parker can bring up the assists.
  11. Not this lineup again. Never missed Millsap so much. To make matters worse, the are winning so Malone is making himself proud.
  12. Coach Malone did the opposite of what he said he would do. Jokic is a beast; still produced despite not playing his natural position.
  13. 16/3/2 with 4 treys 2 stl 1st game back Backstreet's back ALRIGHT
  14. Dude shot 57% last season and he's on your punt FG team? Sick strategy.
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