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  1. A bum of epic proportions with the added bonus of making owners hover around their phone every night.
  2. Every basketball player in existence deals with tendonitus. He's just soft and unmotivated and they have no reason to even push him until the playoffs. I'm at the acceptance phase. Worst 1st round pick of recent memory personally.
  3. quite the turnaround in the 2nd half, thank god.
  4. he is a future star. no doubt. look how big he looks on the ******** screen.
  5. The tough thing is he's playing decent but it really just looks like he's going to finish around 15-20 overall. Between his reliability issues and his FT problems a top 8 finish looks pretty unlikely. Oh well. Just stay healthy please.
  6. He sucks. IRL and fantasy. I can't even dump him he has no value. Had a trade offer for him last week that was palatable and I should have taken it.
  7. I mean he's not that great. I already dropped him. I'm in a 14 teamer and with COVID **** is tight, he's getting minutes now but who ******** knows. A pretty meh game last night. at best he's a speculative upside add in 12 teamers when Minny is healthy. Even ******** Rotoworld writeup was like "we'll see what the hell Minny does".
  8. Was shocked he was on my waiver last night. Grabbed him and dropped Reggie Jackson. I think only SG eligible on Yahoo scared some people off.
  9. can this ******** bum outplay cappela tonight or is that too much of an ask?
  10. This guy is redefining the future of guys named "Myles". What a badass.
  11. yes they can. but the preponderance of evidence at this moment is minor injury, at worst.
  12. Eh, if he walked off and x-ray is clean I'd suspect at absolute worst it's a grade 1 sprain. More likely a bone bruise.
  13. What a monster line. On a sunday too when most owners need points and triples as well as his usual stocks.
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