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  1. CP3 and Porter for my Simmons and Ibaka? (Points league)
  2. Wiggins dunked on him, but protected himself with a foot in Nikos balls (not called offensive foul though..)
  3. I droped him for Robinson, new starter, while morris is going to lose usage and minutes (points league)
  4. do you think he will be rested down the stretch or even shut down? he is a monster right now..
  5. Will start tonight, minutes restriction around 25mins.
  6. Thank you man. You understand me. That was my thougt also, Melo is really boring, and not that good anyway
  7. its not a troll. Im in points 9 cat league and melo doesnt contribute in points as good as dinwiddie does. Melo doesnt have any defensive stats and if his shot doesnt fall, he makes little points. I know DLos return will affect him but we dont know how much, so I took a little risk in hope he can produce on the same level or little worse.
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