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  1. When was Henry or Duke traded in real life? Am I missing something?
  2. Having to deal with bye weeks, I had Adam Humphries in my lineup all week and took him out for Nelson Agholor on Sunday morning. Along with that, I played Ty Montgomery in my RB2 spot of a hunch that he would have value in PPR (0 catches and . points, so great hunch right?) I suck. Switching to Agholor might just cost me the W. All depending on how Mahomes & Watkins do (also having to roll with Watkins hoping he plays) against Hunt, who my opponent has. Again, I suck.
  3. Because you know JohnD is right. Sounds like the owner in your league is in fact a moron and good for you as you likely got a great deal.
  4. I wish fantasy platforms would give him the RB designation...
  5. One of those matchups (When Goff played Denver and got under 10 points) drastically skews those numbers. And to me, what Goff did in Denver 2 weeks ago has little bearing on my assumption that he would outscore in Cousins who was without Diggs during his matchup with the Saints in a likely shootout. Think what you want, but I'd argue most would've started Goff over Cousins too. When you are deciding who to start, do you really ignore personel, matchup, etc and use scoring from 2 weeks ago in different circumstances to make your choice for you? Incredible.
  6. No. There's no question I would've played Goff over Cousins. Cousins is inconsistent. What format are you in where Cousins has outscored Goff the last 3 games? In my league, last week Cousins had 24.7 points while Goff had 32.5... Detroit is decent against pass and got a new pass rusher in Damon Harrison. Easy choice to play Goff here. Hindsight has nothing to do with it.
  7. What was your rationale for starting Cousins (who was without Diggs nontheless) over Goff who was set up for a likely shootout with New Orleans? I'm sorry, but with that decision, you deserve to lose lol.
  8. Correct. Tho you could've gotten more for Sony in a dynasty league than what you got. Which is what lead me to my comment that I feel like you lost the trade. Has nothing to do with Cole as you tried to put words in my mouth. But either way. Agree to disagree. I'm higher on Sony in a dynasty league as an RB1. If I am trading him, I want a WR1 back at least. Sutton may very well turn into one eventually. But IMO, Sony has already shown RB1 ability, so his price tag is higher.
  9. You gave up the best player in the deal In Sony Michel. You can isolate Keelan Cole all you want to try to put words in my mouth, but it won't make it true.
  10. wtf? Who traded you Hopkins for Smith & Burton? Is that a money league with serious participants?
  11. In a dynasty league? You lost that trade going forward.
  12. My mistake, I misread what you wrote. I don't think he's just not getting the separation though. I think he's always been doubled and covered, but in the past Brady threw it anyway and let him make the play. This year it seems like they are trying to avoid Gronk being in those situations and using him less. I have a feeling he is running less routes but I can't find those numbers anywhere to prove it.
  13. https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/rob-gronkowski/#!#current-year Not sure how reliable the site is, though according to their numbers, he got .9 yds of separation last year with 1.54 yds this year...
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