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  1. the reinforcements are here!! now if only we could get a good fantasy TE besides Kielce or Waller
  2. turns out there’s only room for one Fulghamesque ascendance this year... and it belongs to Fulgham
  3. Maybe the Steelers like what they see in Claypool and Diontae and send Juju off to get compensation while they still can?
  4. This game is against the top Run D so let’s temper our expectations for this matchup. I think the real question is-if Ingram is a no-show and Dobbins leads the backfield, does he permanently take the reins upon Ingram’s return?
  5. we are absolutely done. Have dropped him in 3 different leagues. I think this might be an Everett year tbh
  6. nah son gotta have it rhyme. JaMycal TASTY 👅
  7. Didn’t people say the same about James Robinson?
  8. Hope he finds a better team for him during the 2021 offseason. Steelers are tossing him to the wayside after all the BS he went through with injuries, last year’s shitshow and the AB and Leveon drama. 49ers, Packers and Pats need to come calling next year
  9. Is Everett the play here or are we condemned to streaming?
  10. Worst-case scenario came to be, bench until further notice.
  11. Normally I’d think he could be an option but not after he got me -0.35 points in Week 2. For that he will remain on the waiver wire forever
  12. I’d hardly say his career is over. He could round out his days where he can get a decent contract and be a contributing veteran in a rotation. Miami, New England, Washington all come to mind this year or next
  13. IMO Foles might give Robinson *more* targets because unlike Mitch he can actually see enough of the field to find when A-Rob’s open. Which is always
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