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  1. what i was trying to say sir is; i dont care what the people in the damien williams thread think about what is written in the carlos hyde thread. the reason given is that i feel that they brought hyde in was to compete for the lead rb role. williams did a great job filling it when hunt was susp. but he excelled at the change of pace 3rd down guy. that is where he is better suited. hyde is a 220 lb pounding style rb that can be the early down goal line guy and damien can slide back to his stronger position. this way you can use both rbs in your offense effectively instead of using one and havin
  2. he's one of the higher paid rbs in the league for as much as cleveland used him last year. and now with hunt.....they will move him at the draft or for sure before the trade deadline.
  3. yes sir....they need a backup/3rd down type that can run the rock if need be. they are supposedly looking into a trade possibility too. go to the boys duke.
  4. ya man i be a iowa hawkeye......thats my boy
  5. i got elliott and henry as my 2 rbs and ingram as my flex........i've put in an order already for the league trophy.
  6. if your weakness is wr? then think about what could be if your create your strength across the middle with mismatches out of the backfield. NE did this concept a few years back with gronk/hernandez and rbs out of the backfield. so in cleveland you got chubb as your rb-hunt and duke out of the backfield or both playing more of a slot role. you have njoku the te and you have landry the true slot wr.....then you tell callaway to run as fast as he can straight ahead every time the ball is snapped. even he can handle that. now that presents mismatch problems. you get as many as these guys on the fi
  7. and everyone is so worried that hunt is going to take over as the lead rb and hurt chubb....i still see chubb as the "rb" in this offense and hunt more as a alvin kamara type role used more in the quick pass, open field, flooding the defensive middle, type of guy. plus he can run the ball pretty damn well in his own right. so why wouldnt they try to get both these guys on the field together as much as possible?
  8. i like the thinking, butt thats alot of ifs ands and butts
  9. they may have several other incidents including the one that was on tape? i thought i read that on a roto post? that could be 6 games each if any merit is found with each allegation? i could be wrong but 2019 is not looking that promising for hunt. it seems that cleveland knows this as well.
  10. i was given a steroid when i got into poison parsnip.....it was the worse rash and blistering i ever had. 10 times worse than poison ivy. it was given for the clearing of skin tissue. steroids and hgh can rebuild tissue damage and help rebuild tissue growth i believe? not a doctor or an nfl scout, but the steroids worked great for me, and i think edelman did the right thing to help his healing process, and yes he paid the price by taking a 4 game ban for it. i think he knew the cost before he did it, but at his age knew that was the quickest way back???? it was prescribed by a doctor so that m
  11. i think the situation of him finally being the lead rb in a run first offense would be the incentive to perform at a top level? but....i could be wrong?
  12. maybe you will get him in the 3rd, but i think he'll be gone by the 4th. everybody is looking for that sleeper/up and coming rb. since he has nothing in the nfl, but has huge upside will push him up in the drafts. though he is not really a sleeper, he has the "unknown" factor and an early round draft pick going for him and that will be his early round=top 3 rnds...appeal
  13. no problem.....i cant trust em either since i dont know what they are.
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