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  1. We have an opening in a 12-team Keeper League on CBS. League is going into the 14th season, well run league, low turnover. H2H Catagories (average, runs, rbi, hr, steals, era, whip, wins, saves, ks). Keep 9 major league and 2 minor league each year. No salaries, just keep the 9 major and 2 minor league guys you want each year. $175/year. Payouts: 1st - $850, 2nd - $400, 3rd/4th - $200 each, 5th/6th - $150 each. Key Dates: Draft Lottery for Non-Playoff Teams: February 21st. Draft Order Will Be Communicated Following the Lottery Keeper Selec
  2. Friars patrick.giammatteo@gmail.com what is the stat category IRS?
  3. I emailed you as well, would be interested in joining them all. patrick.giammatteo@gmail.com
  4. I’m interested and from Maryland. send me over the questions. Patrick.Giammatteo@gmail.com
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