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  1. I'm interested in The H2H could you please send info to m3nos95@yahoo.com
  2. No negative points for K's. Very sneaky. That's an extra 100 to 200 points for position players. According to Steamers 37 of the top 40 players will be hitters in this format. That's not cool bruh. Mike Trout 700 Christian Yelich 645 Cody Bellinger 632 J.D. Martinez 619 Nolan Arenado 617 Bryce Harper 617 Francisco Lindor 615 Ronald Acuna Jr. 612 Juan Soto 610 Aaron Judge 606 Alex Bregman 604 Giancarlo Stanton 599 Mookie Betts 598 Freddie Freeman 593 Trevor Story 589 George Springer 588 Jose Ramirez 585 Josh Donaldson 584 Nelson Cruz 583 Peter Alonso 580 Rafael Devers 572 Manny Machado 572 Anthony Rizzo 571 Yordan Alvarez 565 Trea Turner 564 Rhys Hoskins 564 Gerrit Cole 564 Kris Bryant 562 Joey Gallo 562 Carlos Correa 559 Anthony Rendon 556 Jose Altuve 554 Matt Chapman 553 Charlie Blackmon 553 Paul Goldschmidt 551 Matt Olson 550 Justin Verlander 550 Carlos Santana 547 Max Scherzer 545
  3. Bieber had the highest exit velocity of any qualified starter last year. He is in for a regression once the hard hit data catches up. I would go Bellinger. If it were a standard points league I would probably keep Paddack.
  4. Option 2 then pick up a fast scrub on waivers with one of the extra roster spots.
  5. At those prices Lux, but Lowe will probably have a better season. He has elite exit velocity and barrel consistency. I would expect Lux to hit 20 HR, steal 10 bases with 60 RBI and 60 Runs. Lowe is going 30/10/80/80.
  6. Assuming this is a Dynasty League I definitely want to be on the Robert/Hiura side.
  7. Tatis stats per game were identical to Acuna's last year. Granted he only played half the season but his potential is tremendous. He was on pace to hit 42 HR, 31 SB, 117 R, 102 RBI, .969 OPS.
  8. In a points league I'd flip Bryant for Severino then keep both Paddack and Severino.
  9. If the team is still available I'd gladly manage it.
  10. Horrible rosters bruh. You are gonna have to offer a discount for someone to foster them orphans.
  11. I would have loved to make this deal with you.
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