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  1. Yeah, best case scenario... i expect 8-10 weeks, which makes him dropable
  2. What a great morning! Morant ppd JV ppd P.George IL Sabonis GTD Beverly OUT (Earlier) T.Bryant OFS 🤮
  3. Why is he not PF eligible?? In their bulbs yahoo always mentions that he might be a new starting PF, but still in fantasy he is just a SF🤷‍♂️
  4. And they are right. Zion is good for 3 cats, hurts you badly in FT and often in TO, no threys almost no stocks. Is better in real life than in fantasy
  5. INJ tag? Wtf? I expected him back this week😱
  6. I just found some interesting data. Most triple doubles in a season: 2010/11 - LBJ 4 2011/12 - rondo 6 2012/13 - rondo 5 2013/14 - lance stephenson 5 😁 2014/15 - westbrook 11 2015/16 - westbrook 18 2016/17 - westbrook 42 😱😱😱(harden 22, lbj 13, etc) 2017/18 - westbrook 25 2018/19 - westbrook 34 Total TD 2010/2011 - 18 Total TD 2018/19 - 127
  7. Drafted before Luka, both in real life and fantasy as well😱 what a nightmare this season🤷‍♂️
  8. Must say, even with restrictions - I expected more... So far, he is a disapointment..
  9. Yes i know, i wrote that i will wait 2 more weeks, maybe 3 and see what happens, but man this is a bad start...
  10. I agree, but at 42% FG, 64% FT and 3.4 TO, poor stocks and average popcorn stats (he sits around 230 in yahoo ranking) i just don't understand all this hype around him any more..
  11. Ok, officially drop city candidate.. I will show patience and wait 2 more weeks, but so far his performance sucked..
  12. Top steal of the draft (with Ingram) so far for sure!!
  13. Yeah, "Zion in the 1st round" hype is still no.1
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