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  1. Snell, Bauer, Woodruff, Gallen aren't even in the conversation imo
  2. That's absolutely fair Brock. Kershaw's peak was amazing, not underselling it, it's historical. Clearly I'm in the minority on this one but I love M Gore. I don't think it's silly if we're talking long-term value. Gun to my head who would I rather have the next 10 years? M Gore. Just difference of opinion. I think if it's 2022 and the Mets offered deGrom for M Gore, the Padres say no.
  3. Best case for Gore is that he's the second coming of Kershaw and you get those stats for the next 10 years. I'm not staying trade deGrom for other high-end SP prospects like Howard/Pearson/Kopech, just M Gore because he's special. I'd still take deGrom as of right now, but fast forward a year from now and I wouldn't. Big Bat Theory is correct that people rely on prospects too much, when in reality the league will most likely fold after a couple of seasons. With this type of thinking you should easily choose deGrom over M Gore...luckily I play in a league that's been around 17 years and is
  4. I don't think there are 11 other pitchers I'd rather have in a dynasty (keep-forever) format, but there are definitely 5! I'd take Cole, Giolito, Bieber, Nola and Buehler over DeGrom. Flaherty and Castillo are close but gotta still take DeGrom over them imo. M Gore vs DeGrom is super interesting but I still would go DeGrom (at this time) because I play to win every year, even in dynasty style leagues.
  5. I know I'm getting super greedy but I would love to see the White Sox add one more SP, preferably Sonny Gray...but at this point I would take a Duffy/Means/J Gray type
  6. Finally found that infamous running video we've all heard about. He looks good and that was two months ago!
  7. The Athletic suggested a 5% decrease in HRs, but truth is no one knows exactly. I'm going to lower expectations for certain players who crushed it in 2019. Players who had skepticism for their "overachieving" 2019 performances. Players like: Bregman, Torres, K Marte, Meadows to name a few.
  8. I'm a little confused about how to value Albies. He's entering his age 24 season, has averaged 25HR 15SB 100runs 80rbi .270 AVG a season, and hopefully sandwiched in between Acuna and Freeman/Ozuna. However, he only has a career 108 wRC+ career .453xSLG .333XWOBA.....all very "bleh" numbers. He seems good at everything, great at nothing. What do you guys think? He is what he is or is there another level?
  9. I know the Dodgers are normally extra conservative with their pitchers but Bauer should have no limitations right? Not only should he be handle a full season + playoffs but with such a short contract, are they even worried about "ruining him"?
  10. Does anyone know when they might update the Thread Index? It's still looking up 2020 profiles, thanks!
  11. Above all else he just doesn't go deep into games. His QS and W's are gonna take a hit. Yeah Wins are kind of unpredictable but when you're only going 5 or 6 innings, it hurts your chances. He's going to get very strong K's no doubt, but he's going around pick 50, which is just too much imo. He's barely throwing a first pitch strike 60% of the time, which ties into his lack of command. averaged 5 IP per start in 2019 averaged 5 1/3 IP per start in 2020
  12. JoRam needs a minimum of 30 WAR the rest of his career, most likely 40 to make it into the HOF. Too bad he blossomed so late, I don't think he can make it.
  13. Would you guys swap out Torres for Albies? He's also asking Albies+Voit for Wander Franco. Do you guys agree Albies is a better trade chip than Torres?
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