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  1. yeah but with what? I'm looking for the illness. I thought he would be back Monday but yet here we are
  2. Anyone else not get Cole's stats from today's start on CBS? Lots of malfunctions during the day
  3. Is CBS normally this bad? After doing 10+ years of Yahoo, my league switched over to CBS. Let me just say no one is happy.
  4. Does Vidal make his MLB debut before Wander?
  5. You have been very insightful with all these CBS stipulation explanations, thank you. Two questions though: 1) Must I field a "competitive team" at all times on CBS? In years past (on Yahoo) I would sometimes bench my entire pitching staff because I already hit the minimum innings pitched for the week and did not want to give away ERA, WHIP, etc. But if I do that (bench my entire pitching staff), all those pitchers would become "reserves" and I would have that red warning at the top of my screen and my entire team frozen for the day? Offense too? 2) You can make add/drops just minute
  6. @brockpapersizer Think Casas gets the call this year?
  7. Antone (CIN) is one I'm targeting, I hope they don't make him a starter down the road. I'm hoping he can be this year's version of Pomeranz. Also you might want to stash Seth Lugo, he's probably going to have a big role in that bullpen.
  8. I'm trying CBS (normally did Yahoo) for the first time this year. It seems CBS has allowed me to make an extra player pick-up? Max roster size should be 23 players, but I currently have 24 players. I need to put Eloy and Seth Lugo on the IL but they are not eligible yet. I really need to pick up their replacements. Can I just add more players and be like 2+ players over maximum and just wait to put them on the IL when they become eligible in a day or two? Does anyone know the penalties? I asked my league-mates but we're all new to CBS.
  9. The 40+HR power remained but the average tanked in 2020. Gonna have to chalk it up to a short sample size, .214 BABIP was nearly 100 points below his career average. I think he returns to .260 average. .260 40 85/100 .900
  10. It just crossed my mind that with the pandemic-shortened season, plus this season basically being wiped out by Eloy's boneheadedness, he just lost 50 HR (more likely 70) from his career total. I still expect multiple seasons of .290+ 40+ 100+ but these two years will really hurt his overall numbers. Going to be real tough to get to 500 now.
  11. 4 HRs and 2 SBs in spring so far. I'm definitely throwing Meadows' 2020 season out the window, but should we expect his 2019 numbers? I'm willing to find out, current adp around 80-85. He's almost 26 years old, we may not have seen the best season from this former 1st round (real life) draft pick. I'll be buying.
  12. I actually had this exact surgery back in November. I had partially torn my meniscus while foolishly running up the stairs and slipping. By definition, I had "arthroscopic partial meniscectomy". That's where they just go in through two tiny incisions and "shave" off the partially torn meniscus that cannot be saved/repaired. It is true this is the most non-invasive knee surgery. Some people are walking on it no problem just days after the surgery. Personally, it took me longer than expected to recover due to bad swelling. It took me two weeks just to walk without crutches and two total months t
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