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  1. I drafted him at #14, so I feel like I'm getting great value right now.
  2. 19 ppg for the past month. Solid for a 10th round pick.
  3. I got him in the 6th round, he's been awesome this year
  4. He's been ballin lately, I think he'll put up top 10 numbers ROS.
  5. He has put up top 15 value this month, averaging 1.5 3's per game. I'm pleased with my 3rd round pick's performance so far this year.
  6. I drafted him in the 8th round in my 12 team league, he has put up solid value so far.
  7. Hopefully he starts to get more minutes, his last game was encouraging.
  8. I just picked him up, hopefully he retains value once Turner returns.
  9. I picked him up in my 12 team league, hopefully he can keep putting up top 50-60 value.
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