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  1. I have a 20 team H2H points league needing 2 replacement owners. Teams are both in pretty good shape at MLB and the minors... 25 man MLB rosters on ESPN full AAA- Rookie ball minors system on Tapatalk boards forum (up to 125 total players in your organization through all 5 levels, max 25 per level) salary cap, contracts, ARB, FA resignings, FYP drafts, offseason trades, call ups, demotions, waivers my most fun league and very close to the day to days of a real GM great group of dudes, very active, GroupMe chat app let me know if interested and I’ll out
  2. Looking for a deep dynasty league to play along with my established 20 team way deep dynasty... Anywhere from 12-30 teams h2h points preferred But would consider expanded categories (7x7, 8x8) auction or draft style MLB roster with some sort of deeper minors levels attached (more than 10 prospects on a team) some sort of salary cap or contract style preferred Rather a startup, but would take on the right orphaned team if league fits... Thanks for reading! contact sange76@optonline.net if you have something that may fit.
  3. I’d be interested. You can email me with more information. If it’s a restart draft for a keeper, doesn’t matter which team, but I’ll take Last Man Standing. Sange76@optonline.net thanks! John
  4. I did the ol’ Copy and paste minus that period and it worked. Looks like a great league like the roster makeup, keepers and the minors , but was looking more for h2h points and daily moves. Already in a weekly lineup league and I like being able to platoon on the daily level a little more. Thanks for your time. Good luck this season.
  5. Yeah.... Tried both the first time. Neither one is a go. Both take you to the Fantrax invalid url screen....Sorry. Still intersted though...I mean, now it’s just a challenge to see what it’s all about!
  6. Yes, I’m interested and would like the invite link and more information. Thanks!
  7. The link doesn’t work. Takes you to the dead Fantrax zone...
  8. May be interested. Send me any links or info sange76@optonline.net
  9. I may have some interest. Please send me any links for more information. Thanks! sange76@optonline.net
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