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  1. 40 minutes ago, Deke said:


    It did derail my MLB career, but it's for the best. You're on the road so much, you have no time to spend with your wife and kids. And I really want a wife and kids.


    Sorry to hear that. We've seen many talented players not reaching their potential due to injuries..... one of the thing I see is that nothing is taught in the little leagues in regards to body protections; such as stretching and warm ups; I feel that often time conditioning since 10/11U and up can help build a stronger body. But apare often focused on winning and not ways to protect kids in the long run from the grindings of playing baseball.

    As for your last part of the sentence, man I can't help much there except for... may I suggest apps like b-umble, h-inge... etc? 😎


  2. 11 hours ago, Deke said:


    Can speak from experience that I've dislocated the same shoulder about 8 times. Not sure if the torn labrum I have is a result of the first dislocation or one of the next 7, but I never got treatment and have continued to play sports. Sounds like Berto needs to suck it up!


    Suck it up and then be like you and us, sitting in front of the screen and talk about fantasy players? 



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  3. On 7/16/2019 at 11:23 PM, Tugginroot said:

    Is it even realistic to think he can return in August?


    He is no where close to return to the team; according to Aaron Boone on "Mike's On"; thus, it's 50/50 whether he can return in August. Might just be a lost season for Stanton.



    Per Aaron Boone:

    "Stanton is still just in the rehab phase and trying to get quad-strengthening going on," the Yankees manager said. "But no baseball activities yet. It's kind of moved a little bit slow, although he feels like over the last probably 48-72 hours, he started to get some improvement and get some strength back in that quad.

    "He's starting to move in the right direction, but still (the rehab is going) slow."




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  4. 23 minutes ago, Kaii23 said:

    It's only a, matter of time. He's totally lost at the plate and the power shots are coming less frequently now. He'll be platooned initially maybe. He's still hitting 325 vs lefties. But his days as a, full time hitter are almost over this season I think. 


    Not if there is an adequate left handed batter against RHP; none of the inciarte, Camargo screams confidence either. Also, Braves manager Snit has a hard time understanding the concept based on his bullpen usage.

    So far with what has been said by Snit, sounds like they want Riley to learn to fix his issues with CB and SL through MLB pitching. 


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  5. 7 hours ago, Big Tuna said:

    of course after a nice start he has a blister issue....hoping he avoids a IL stint


    And he just hit the IL; he did get pulled early that the blister may be only cause him to lose one start. Totally guess on my part though.

  6. 12 hours ago, hangin n wangin said:

    This is getting sad. His past month has been beyond putrid. From thinking you have a late draft steal playing like a first/second rounder to this. I guess the positive is that he’s hitting for average the past couple week, but not providing any counting stats. Hoping for a home run soon, but there is a good chance he will be on my bench when he does it.


    I am guessing he is on your bench today? He's on mine and he just hit his first HR since May 28th. Hopefully this means he is about to breakout again from the power and HOPEFULLY speed standpoint.....

  7. I don't think his power is sustainable; he hit a total of 23 HR's in 1414 AB's; that's less than 10 HR's in 600 AB's. He did have an increase in his HR/FB ratio from '18 to '19 but to me that's more to do with "juiced ball" both in AAA and MLB; I think a 10-15 HR's is what I would expect from him at most.

    Season Team GB/FB LD% GB% FB% IFFB% HR/FB IFH% BUH% Pull% Cent% Oppo% Soft% Med% Hard%
    2016 Cardinals (A-) 1.30 22.2 % 44.0 % 33.8 % 22.4 % 5.3 %     41.7 % 22.6 % 35.7 %      
    2017 Cardinals (A) 0.98 13.5 % 42.9 % 43.6 % 17.2 % 3.4 %     35.0 % 22.9 % 42.1 %      
    2017 Cardinals (A+) 2.00 22.0 % 52.0 % 26.0 % 7.7 % 7.7 %     50.0 % 33.9 % 16.1 %      
    2017 Cardinals (AA) 1.47 19.1 % 48.1 % 32.8 % 18.3 % 3.3 %     39.4 % 22.9 % 37.8 %      
    2018 Cardinals (AA) 1.63 23.1 % 47.7 % 29.2 % 23.9 % 5.5 %     49.7 % 21.6 % 28.7 %      
    2018 Cardinals (AAA) 0.77 30.4 % 30.4 % 39.3 % 9.1 % 4.5 %     40.4 % 28.1 % 31.6 %      
    2019 Cardinals (AAA) 1.18 19.4 % 43.6 % 37.0 % 21.3 % 11.5 %     47.3 % 26.0 % 26.6 %    


    I like his speed though; Edman is quite fast as he is the 12th-fastest maximum sprint speed in baseball this year per Statcast; 30+ SB is quite reachable. His K% in the minors of lower than 20% is good but I think he needs to keep a BB% of close to 10% to profile well as the leadoff guy with minimum power.


    2016 Cardinals (A-) 15.5 % 9.4 % 1.66 .286 .400 .427 .827 .141 8.6 .305     2.4 50 17.0 .396 151
    2017 Cardinals (A) 8.6 % 10.9 % 0.79 .284 .347 .439 .786 .155 7.7 .309     0.8 24 3.6 .350 118
    2017 Cardinals (A+) 8.5 % 22.0 % 0.39 .257 .338 .357 .695 .100 4.0 .327     -0.4 9 0.5 .327 106
    2017 Cardinals (AA) 6.7 % 14.2 % 0.47 .247 .298 .347 .645 .100 5.0 .281     0.1 22 -5.6 .295 80
    2018 Cardinals (AA) 7.0 % 15.3 % 0.46 .299 .350 .403 .753 .104 6.7 .345     3.1 65 4.6 .340 108
    2018 Cardinals (AAA) 10.5 % 14.5 % 0.73 .318 .382 .394 .776 .076 7.6 .357     0.6 11 0.8 .350 108
    2019 Cardinals (AAA) 6.9 % 15.1 % 0.45 .305 .356 .513 .869 .208 8.7 .333     1.8 35 2.8 .365 109
    2019 Cardinals 1.7 % 20.3 % 0.08 .263 .288 .509 .797 .246 8.7 .286 0.9 0.2 0.6 8 0.5 .328 104


    All in all, I see someone with 10-15 HR (juice ball era), 30+ SB, .275 BA and about .350 OBP. Currently with 2B/3B/SS eligibility, I think he's got some value.

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  8. What do you guys think of the outlook of these two young OF's ROS and who has the better chance to reach their peak?

    They are both top 10 first round picks; one 2013 (Meadows) and one 2015 (Beni). To me, they have similar profile as both are power/speed combo with good hit tools; Beni has better OBP and Meadows seems to have more raw power.



  9. 2 minutes ago, Under500Forever said:

    Media posted by CBS Sports
    The story will give you chills. • Tyler Skaggs’ mother throws first pitch (Angels throw no-hitter) • Trout hits HR exactly 454 ft (Skaggs wore No. 45) • Franchise’s 11th no-hitter (Skaggs wore No. 11 in HS) • Score 7 runs in 1st, 13 runs total (Skaggs birthday is 7/13) 
    7 hours ago


    And one more... The last combined no-hitter in California was thrown in Oakland on 13 July 1991 – the exact day Skaggs, a California native, was born.


    Honorint Tyler Skaggs




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  10. On 7/9/2019 at 4:21 PM, urban2014 said:

    Called up by Chicago Sox. Let's do this again lol


    Image result for chandler bing let's do it again gif


    Anyone think he might be a decent reclamation project by the Sox? While really bad this year (I feel that a lot had to do with his mental aspect of the game, when he has been hitting bombs in AAA for a few years now and still not getting that prolonged chance to hit in the majors can play tricks with his mind. Yes, I know his bats are slow and he's a bit overweight... etc... My point though is, will he actually take this change a scenery as his wakeup call and opportunity to right ship his career? Will be watching it closely. 

  11. 11 hours ago, Minnesota_Jack said:

    Any word on if he's staying or getting sent back down to make room for returners? 


    From CBS... for whatever it is worth... 



    Yamamoto and fellow rotation newcomers Elieser Hernandez and Zac Gallen will all be extended at least one more turn. The performances of all three youngsters will likely have significant sway in determining which of the two will stick in the rotation once Smith is presumably reinstated from the 10-day injured list next week. At this point, Yamamoto may have the most job security of the trio after yielding only two runs to go with a 0.79 WHIP and 19 strikeouts in 19 innings through his first three outings in the big leagues.


    Facing the same offense second time in a row is not easy; especially an offense like the Phillies. So if I was the Marlins, I would be giving him at least another one extended look.

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  12. Someone needs to tell Beni and Betts that the baseballs this year are juiced.... on the day with a score of 17-13, in which most pitchers don't have an idea how to command the baseball and these two decided to go 1/7 combined with 2 R..... That 1st inning bases loaded pop by Beni.........


    Related image



  13. While the Indians lineup is favorable for Touki, one thing I think can go against him is the cold weather forecast tonight. 47 degree at game time with close to 80% chance of rain. Not good for pitchers. I am still debating whether to start him; but I am leaning towards benching him tonight.

  14. 1 hour ago, BostonCajun said:

    I'm not concerned at all with his start to the season. Sophomore slump?? He's walked more than he's struck out so far which imo is a good sign of things to come. 


    Plus many of his hits were hard hits but right to someone; I was at the game earlier this week when the Braves took on the Cubs, though there were ground outs, they were hard hit ground outs. Looking at his avg. EV, increased almost 4 miles and hard hit % increased by almost 8%. On top of it, look at his K% compare to BB %, I am still very confidence that he will snap out of this.




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  15. On 4/5/2019 at 8:17 PM, chicagowhitesox1173 said:

    The way he took pitches today was night and day compared to last year. I took him last year and never even had him on my radar this year, I think I made a mistake.


    I have him on my dynasty league and never even thought of giving him up even though I had managers trying to trade him away from my team.

    During spring training; I paid attention to his K's and BB's; in February, in 12 PA, he had 5 K's and 1 BB, in March, with more than 4 times the PA from Feb. (52 PA), he only strung out 11 times and walked 10 times. 

    I wanted to post on here but felt that I would jinx him; but so far so good during the season; except for yesterday 0-5 2K's (nitpicking!?)... Hopefully he will continue to keep his K's down and walk more. He did say he will try to be more aggressive in 2 strike counts, so that should help a lot, as many of his K's last year came from called strike.


  16. 8 hours ago, Stickfig13 said:


    Probably pressing a little. The pressure of $330 mil is probably tough. He just needs a few hits to get off the shed. 


    We talking Machado or Harper? $300M is Machado and $330M is Harper... Anyways, I agree, I think the heavy dose of a combination of new environment, teammates, and the s--- load of money in his bank account are affecting his way of play. He did not play well in ST either; but hopefully he will get out of the funk soon...!

  17. 2 minutes ago, Cesare13 said:

    For anyone that hates watching videos for 2 minutes and would rather read for 10 seconds;  bud black says "umm" about 1000 times and basically says that hampson and macmahon are trying hard.


    This is what I have gathered so far...... Black might be a fellow fantasy baseball manager too but does not have neither of the Hampson or McMahon; so he does not care about making it clear to his opponents...... as a matter of fact, he might just throw them and us a big wrench and give the job to Vailaika..... 😈



  18. 8 hours ago, cdd10 said:

    good, that's great news on Donaldson. I hope he doesn't end up being a dumpster fire for us. Anyway, lookin forward to seeing Acuna smash even though I own no shares currently :(


    How as a Braves fan and the fact that you are on this site with quality valuable information to pick/draft potential upside players and you own no share of Acuña Matata? 


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  19. 4 hours ago, Markillies said:

    is he going to be an everyday LF in CLE?


    I believe Bauers will play mostly LF but some 1B too; especially considering Santana is the main guy at 1B and there is potential of HRam being picked to go north with the team, and he plays 1B mostly as well. Indians like their players with some positions flexibilities, so as long as Bauers hits, he will be in the lineup. 

    He just went 2 for 3 with 1 HR and 5 RBI's today; raising his spring BA to .276 with 2 HR and 2 SB... I like what I see so far and that right field at Progressive can be LHH heaven!


  20. Saw Pache a couple times this spring in person and I came back impressed with the kid. How impressed? I traded for him right after I came back from my spring training trip!

    He demonstrated good power to left and left center during batting practice, with two swings resulted in hitting the tall wall twice in the left center field and another swing pass the left field. In game, the one HR I saw was to the left (Friday 3/9), just flied over the left field wall. I think his power has come along and will continue to get better. I think 15+ HR once he reaches major, shouldn't be an issue; his calling card is his speed of course but did not get to see him running the bases. However, based on my research, 30+ SB should be easy for Pache especially if he gets more reps and instruction on how to read pitchers and techniques on base steeling.


    8 hours ago, thezing1 said:

    100% agree with what I bolded. Unfortunately, I do not know if Pache has the instincts. Here are his games played per steal attempt over the last 3 years: 3.6, 2.6, 8.1. That is a massive drop off in attempts last season and he stole less than he was caught. Sure, maybe a little bit has to do with being young in AA, but in the minors is when you are supposed to learn and make all of your mistakes. He is really fast, but I am worried that he lacks the ability to steal bases. My concern is that he just goes the route of power and stops developing the steals component of his game.

    I am still concerned about what the chase of power will do to his steals until I see his steals attempts and success rate rise. If he sells out for power he needs to reach a high ceiling there to offset the fantasy impact to his steals. It basically comes down to a question of 5/35; 10/25; 15/20; 20/15; 25/8; 30/5.... or some sort of arch resembling that and where you think optimal fantasy value exists. Crawford never sold out his steals to pursue his mediocre (at best) power. I just hope Pache does the same and I really, really, really hope he runs 50+ times this year even if he gets thrown out 25+ times. I can't think of a player that became great at SB in the majors that didn't demonstrate or hone the skill in the minors with reps. 


    Instincts can be taught as well with techniques and experience; so not too worry on that either. Not sure why he dropped his stolen bases attempts, couldn't find where he got hurt a bit on his legs that he decided not to run. But I still am confident that he will run in the long run.


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  21. He pitched two pain-free innings; though the box score wasn't great (2 IP. 3 H. 3ER. 2K), McHugh himself said that he was tinkering a few pitches, so should take the score with a grain of salt. A mislocated changeup, a pitch McHugh normally does not throw to righties resulted in a hit and a cutter that got pulled for a HR.

    “The way I’m trying to use (the cutter) may be a little different, steal some strikes with it backdoor to lefties whereas, in the past, I’ve pounded it in to lefties with it,” McHugh said. “Changeup is coming along … probably this spring training I feel as good with it as I’ve felt in any spring training so far.”

    From what I see, the two pain-free innings and 2K are the positive obviously and we should continue to be optimistic about his sleeper status.

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