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  1. Whitley was still taking the rust off on the command after coming back from suspension and thus resulted in a 3.76 ERA and 3.8 BB/9; however, his ARI FL stats shows that his command is back and he had an increase of K/9 from his AA season in 2018. I think he will continue to refine his stuff as losing chunk of last year from the suspension definitely delays his MLB debut. In 2017, Whitley actually had an increase in K/9 and decrease in BB/9 on every level ascend. With Astros seem to have 5 rotation spots filled up in Verlander, Cole, McHugh, James, and probably Valdez, as well as the rumo
  2. I agree that he could very well be a hybrid type player; what I am trying to figure out though is what BA are we looking at him providing in his prime. I asked the question to Michael at IBW and hopefully will get an answer back soon; he had him at .240; is this a good indication? Somehow I feel it's a bit low. From his 2018 A+ K % and BB% (shown below), which is average, gave me a feel that he will be between .250 and in his prime .275 (I know subjective); his power should develop enough to be an annual 20+HR, with 15 to 20 SB, I think that's a good counting stats for a player who has a
  3. @ Michael-IBW Just want to seek some clarifications, when you talked about Varsho and said he probably won't hit much better than your average catcher and provided a prime stat on BA at .240; can you please let me know how/what you based on the low BA in his prime? Just a legit question, trying to see where he might be in the future. I thought he would be more of a .275 hitter than a below .250 hitter in his prime... Thx!
  4. He will be in competition for sure with Touki and even Fried be as part of the competition. If he really comes back stronger than last year with an increase in velocity like in 2017, sky is the limit for this guy. Sucks for Soroka though; I really like him!
  5. Touki heard you and said he's been working on his FB command this offseason.... I do think with his stuff, he is more than just a mid rotation SP. I could very well develop into a #2 with the refinement of the command.
  6. Looks like only Yahoo valued him low with late second round; all others value him early to mid second round. He probably won't hit close to 40 with that park as well as the other NL West pitchers parks, but he should still provide an early to mid second round value. Also, if this would happen, anything could..... I am sure Manny can still do it!
  7. So back to square one... I still think Hampson has a leg up in the competition due to his performance so far in MLB compares to that of McMahon's
  8. Not only did he jumped to top 100 list in 2019, but the Top 3 "Most Trusted Prospects Ranking" sites all have him top 50! FG #26 PL #33 IBW #38 I think to this point, he might still be a bit underrated; but I think the ranking will continue to creep up! His floor is already pretty amazing, if he ever develops some more power! OK I am drooling now... lol
  9. So, in this combined top 100 ranking, Brujan is more of a #3 prospect in the TBR system rather than a #7 (per top 30 list). It would be nice to inter-relate the different lists since it's from the same site; I get the human stuff as explained by the author, but once they have the combined top 100 list cooked out, I would think it will be easier to re-rank the top 30. Looking strictly the TBR prospects: PL has Brujan @ 33 and indicated that he is #7 TBR prospect, but there were only 2 TBR prospects ahead of Brujan in Franco and Honeywell. #3 McKay, #4 Sanchez, and #5/#6
  10. There were talks that he was tipping his pitches; also, Gary Sanchez's inability to block the ball or even catch the ball as well as his own laziness did not help. He got better in Sept. and I expect him to get back to the elite status.
  11. Can you imagine how high the value of Hampson will be if he was indeed traded to the Red Sox with a firm grip at 2B job? That lineup, that ballpark as well as the rest of the AL East (except TBR) Ballpark would make him an interesting pick!
  12. OK that was a bit old now that I used it previously..... But this is how I see it, both Yelich and Beni came up to the show at the tender age of 21. In his first 3 years in the MLB, Yelich had the following lines ('13-'15) Year Age Tm Lg G PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB CS BB SO BA OBP SLG OPS OPS+ TB GDP
  13. That's what people said about Christian Yelich too and then... Boom! Dude won 2018 NL MVP! You just never know....
  14. Agree, even in dynasty I wouldn't have spent first round pick on Beni; many other options to choose from in first. For redraft, I would have gone late second round to early third on him.
  15. Problem with Bart is he is way too aggressive and will often chase pitches outside of the strike-zone. Power is certainly for real but what kind of BA are we looking at once he reaches the show? Based on his current underlying stats, I do feel that he will struggle with his BA and hovering around .250. That being said, he is still developing so who knows, maybe in 2019 and beyond he learns to be more patient and have better idea of the strike-zone, if so, his status will fly.
  16. I would say that somewhere in that range but likely a 5-10 spots lower IF he does it in 2019 and we are talking about 2020. The stats I stated in my original post could make Bauer around 65, however, his eligible positions are 1B/OF and his stats won't rank it that high with those two positions and thus the 5-10 spots drop. However, he is not proven, so he obviously is not being considered even a top 200 player right now. His adp is #250sh at the moment. I was based on the article I posted for his potential stats; his HR should grow some in Progressive Field (that right field can
  17. Very good point too, Slatykamora. If he is someone's #8 SP, I think that someone is doing fine with his draft. I have Anibal as a potential pick from my dynasty league this year, but do have others like Musgrove and McHugh, among others as options.
  18. Anibal's FIP last year of 3.62 does show that some regression could happen; also, you are probably looking at an inning count of no more than 150 IP as his last three year's inning pitched were 153.1, 101.1, 136.2. With all this in mind, I would say he is a top 250; I am sure some will reach for him a bit like Magoo mentioned; but the fact that he can't pitch deeper in the game really hurt his value.
  19. I agree, I am a big Acuña fan but I don't see 40/30 in 2019; at some point in his career, he will but to say he will at 2019 that's pretty high expectation on the kid. I hope he does of course, but won't hold my breath for it.
  20. Great point, I miss the part where he actually had the K% decreased a bit. I think we will see continuous improvement.
  21. I see Acuña as a very minimum 20/20 player with a good chance to be 30/30 player and his BB% of 9.2% last year is close to above average; while he did strikeout 25% that might hurt his BA, But even that, considering that he had a career minor league K % of 21%, I see him improving from that 25% in his first taste of the majors. Taking him in first round is obviously for his tremendous upside but I am willing to take the risk here knowing that his floor is a 20/20 .265-.275 BA and .330 - .340 OBP.
  22. It does seem that his last two months of the season stats shows he started to figure something out. A closer look at his K rate dropped from 28.8% in '17 to 20.1% in '18 and BB% increased from 1.8% to 4.9%; obviously none of the two rates are where we'd like to see for a player rely from on his speed than power. But at least the numbers are getting closer to his minor league K% of 17.3% and BB% of 5.8%. I see him as a low double digit HR guy with 20+ SB and a BA of around .275; depending on your team roster and how many you get to keep per season, but in a 12 team keep
  23. So you believe his second half success is sustainable? I mean it was definitely crazy when I found out that his second half stats home/away split was in favor of home considering Coors Field is his home.
  24. This was actually discussed in this very same thread; personally, I don't think it will hurt as much as many people think.
  25. He does have a bit extreme home/away split last year overall. However, in his second half, he managed with a 2.07 ERA/1.09 WHIP and a 12.55K/9 in 8 home games including one post season at home against MIL in which he gave up 2 ER in 5 IP and K'd 5. The second half home game stats are actually a bit better that that of on the road; more K/9 and always a full 1 ERA less at home. Is he truly turning the corner? I guess that's the question many of us ask here. But I do agree with a couple posters above, that we should exercise cautious against some big offensive teams at home.
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