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    AJ Reed - 1B HOU

    What's frustrating is that if Astros are not high on him, they should just trade him where he will be given a chance to see what he can do and not just stash him in the minors. He got recalled to MLB as Yuli went on to the paternity list due to the birth of his child; Reed got the call, but given 3AB (0/3 1K) and never saw him again! Gosh, prisoners have been given more chance than this! I just hope that he is traded to some rebuilding team for a long look chance he deserves.
  2. Not necessary; using Goldy as an example, who has never stolen more than 9 SB in Minor (equate to 15 SB in a full season) and that was in AA, stole as high as 32 in MLB.
  3. Hope that his power develops and stay at 1B or at least rotate between 1B and OF, that hit tool, patience and 20+ SB potential are special for 1B especially if he can his 20+ HR.
  4. Agree and there is really no sense of rushing to jeopardize the future; just because the Braves are doing well does not mean they need to rush Riley, especially that K rate. Personally I would prefer him getting full season of AAA and at most, get a Sept. call up and play in the AZ league for preparation of 2019 season. Swanson is the prime example of what happen when you rush a prospect.
  5. Hi guys, I currently have Stanton/Betts/Benitendi as my starting OF; but also have Rhys Hoskins and Dee Gordon as my backup OF who potentially could be eligible as OF only in 2019; the fact that I have Acuna and Robles waiting in the wings, will provide me with too many OF in 2019. Here is the question, who among Stanton/Betts/Benitendi/Hoskins/Gordon, should I trade to get an IF or SP? Though my main SB source are from Betts/Benitendi/Gordon; I am leaning more on trading Benitendi or Gordon rather than Stanton/Hoskins/Betts. What are your thoughts?
  6. I am having anxiety over the anticipation of his signing! LOL I have him in my dynasty league and I can't drop him!
  7. Don't really know except for words from the Rangers camp that he displays "excellent control" and that "splitter is nasty".
  8. Latest I've heard is that Rangers have been in contact with him; nothing much though.
  9. Is that even a good strategy? He will get a prorated contract and unless the teams are extremely desperate, I don't see how teams will just hand the money he wants to him.
  10. Carl Edwards Jr. could be Cubs closer by All Star; with Cubs relying on Morrow and his injury history, it's hard to say that Edwards won't make it a case. Last year he pitched great out of the gate but hit some roadblock in June and August before finished strong. The guy has some electric arm! Monthly G GS W L SV BS HLD CG SHO IP H R ER HR BB K ERA WHIP B
  11. Did he get hurt last year in the second half that prevented him from even attempt to steal base? No steal attempted when promoted to AA and during AZFL. Met him once here in Dallas when he showed up at my son's baseball team's practice; looks like a very humble person and definitely got some power!
  12. I normally play the streaming SPs strategically; only as needed. Or otherwise it could effect my ERA and WHIP if not careful.
  13. Thx snehl01! This makes sense; I play daily H2H categories not points locked weekly, so I am not banking on accumulated points but the counting stats.
  14. Thx Picard56! But that will only work if your two RP spots (or however many spots there is in the league) have two really good SP right? If your opponent goes on streaming frenzy, there is not a sure thing that you will get both W and K.
  15. I always wonder of the gain with this strategy. Yes, a SP with RP eligibility can help with W and K; but you lose chance on SV and HD. Besides, W and K can be obtain by rotating the SP through the SP and P spots if needed. I can see how the other way around strategy give a team advantage but not this. So this is a serious question; not trying to mock OP. Can someone please help me understand this strategy?
  16. Not saying you are wrong Schulni and I am not an expert in medical field; so correct me if I am wrong. Here are a list of his injuries the past two years; only injury that I can see related to his usage in curve ball is the elbow discomfort. To me, it's more like the guy's conditioning? Don't know, just my thought. DATE DESCRIPTION STATUS 07/31/2017 Lower Back Discomfort 10-Day Disabled List 06/09/2017 Lower Back Discomfort 10-Day Disabled List 08/03/2016
  17. McKenzie has gone as high as A+ so unless you have good depth in MLB and plenty of SP in upper minor and/or ready to go; it just does not make sense to trade for McKenzie. I would hold on to him and look for a SP that's closer to the MLB.
  18. Maybe, as I am definitely hoping, that he finally has a healthy season and throw 175+ IP and display his elite 10K/9.
  19. Thx guys for your suggestions and point of view! This forum is just so helpful! I've been using rotoworld for players news updates for years and never knew there was a forum available!!!!!
  20. That's what I thought in terms of safe play to be Pomeranz; and a gamble on McCullers would be for the better upside. I have Sale, Severino, and Thor as my top 3 and the other SP's that I also have on my team are Maeda and Straily which are just not appealing; I do have Gohara, Castillo, and Weaver on my MiLB Roster, which can potentially become very useful peaces for my SP rotation in this dynasty league that I am in.
  21. Hi Guys, I have a chance to pick either of these two pitchers for my #4 pitcher, who should I go with? Both of injury concerns and McCullers more so than Pomeranz; but McCullers is younger and seem to have a better upside and is in a better division where ballparks are more pitcher friendly compare to AL East. What are your thoughts? Thx! AF
  22. depending on who you have or need; it could go either or. These two are close in terms of value.
  23. 2B - Jose Altuve SS - Francisco Lindor OF - Giancarlo Stanton SP - Chris Sale RS - Victor Robles and Alex Reye
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