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  1. What a beautiful line tonight! 11 pts (3 3pm) with 5 reb 3 ast 2 stl 4 blk
  2. What about 'The Bolt' since he's so quick and Usain Bolt is quick
  3. even when he doesn't get rebounds his lines are like TJ Warren lines with a bit less points and better FG%
  4. He's playing down the stretch and as said above, Dirk might play less and less. Seems like a better hold than most people on the wire in a 12-team
  5. Maybe Dwight Powell as he seems to be getting more minutes?
  6. He's been getting more run lately, minutes consistently rising the past 4 games and at least a steal in the past 9 games. Mavs might play him more as season ends so I feel he can be a good pickup if you can afford it
  7. I feel you are losing a bit of value overall, you gain a lot of assists and almost 2 steals but you lose in blocks, 3s, PTS, FT%, FG%/TO which you are punting. You already have a lot of out of position assists with Draymond and potentially Millsap when he's back so I feel it's not worth to sacrifice so much for 2 categories you already are decent at. Plus those 2 are injured. I value durability of players a lot, look what happened to Turner after his concussion, he never found a rhythm after he came back. I'd try to find another trade
  8. I pick Bogdan as well, he won't tank your FG% as hard and he's much more polished/mature than Chriss who's been having issues within his own team
  9. Hi! New to the forums. I'd try out Bogdan Bogdanovic, he has a decent % and Kings start using their younger players rather than running the veterans. Also Oubre is a nice pickup, and since Wall's injury he's had good per-36 minute numbers, he just needs minutes and I'm sure he can get them
  10. One of the best games of the season tonight. Having him and Wesley Johnson at the end of my roster has helped me crush in stocks categories
  11. 1 stl 4 blk at the half, made an account just to say this
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