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  1. Looking to fill possibly 3 spots. Email me if you are interested at willhawk1988@gmail.com.
  2. Starting a 20 team dynasty league on fantrax but a few people have backed out at last minute. Looking to get slow draft started ASAP. 30 dollar Entry fee. H2H Points league. This is the constitution of the All In Fantasy Baseball League. The purpose of this league is to have fun and enjoy a game we all love. Baseball. This league will challenge all owners with the deep player rosters and the ability to put together a team, not only for this year, but for many years to come. The All In Fantasy Baseball League will consist of 20 owners for the 2018 season. Entry fee for the league will be required by February 9, 2018 at Midnight. Any owners that have not made payments by then or have not made contact with me about paying will be removed from the league and replacement owners will be found. Each team in the All In Fantasy Baseball League will consist of a 50 man roster. 25 of members of that roster will be Major League players and 25 will be minor league players. For a player to have minor league eligibility they must meet the following requirements For a hitter they MUST have less than 130 Major League AB’s in their career For a pitcher they MUST have pitched less than 50 Major League Innings throughout their career. The rosters will be set through a draft (start time TBD) once the league is full and all team owners have paid the entry fee. The draft order was randomized through a random draft generator site. The draft will be a slow draft with each owner having 8 hours to make a pick. The draft timer will be turned off at 12 AM EST and turned back on at 8 AM EST every day. Picks may still be made during this time but will not be on a timer. This will be one single draft of 50 rounds. Draft picks ARE eligible to be traded but MUST be traded for an equal number of picks (I.E. trading a 2nd and 3rd round for a 2nd and 6th is acceptable. However, trading a 1st for a 2nd 3rd and 4th would not be acceptable.) We will also hold an amateur draft in the offseason of every year. This draft will be for the players that were recently drafted in the prior year draft. Order will be set in reverse order of the previous year standings and the draft will consist of 5 rounds. These draft picks may be traded and DO NOT need to meet the 1:1 ratio that was set in the original draft. Each team in the All In Fantasy Baseball League shall set its starting lineup every Monday. The lineups lock 5 minutes before the first game of the period. For example, if there is a 1:00 PM EST game on Monday, the lineups will lock at 12:55 PM EST. A starting lineup in this league will consist of the following 1 catcher 1 First Baseman 1 Second Baseman 1 Third Baseman 1 Short Stop 1 Corner Infielder 1 Middle Infielder 3 Outfielders 1 Utility Man 5 Starting Pitchers 4 Relief Pitchers The bench players can be constructed however the owner sees fit and there will be 2 injured reserve spots for players that are on the DL. The All In Fantasy Baseball League will be a Head to Head points league. In this league points will be earned in the following manners Walks= 1 point Triples= 3 points Doubles= 2 points Hits= 1 point Hit By Pitches= 1 point Home Run= 5 points Runs Scored= 1 point Runs Batted In= 1 pont Stolen Bases= 3 points Complete Games= 7 points Holds= 10 points Innings pitched= 1 point Strikeouts pitched= 1 point Quality Starts= 8 points Runs Allowed= -1 point Saves= 10 points Shutouts= 7 points Wins= 8 points Once the draft has been completed, players are eligible to be traded and free agency will open up. The trade deadline for the league will be August 9, 2018 for the 2018 season. Any trade that is made will be sent to the commissioner for approval. The commissioner will either approve or deny the trade and give reasons as to why. Free agency will be done through a waiver wire process. On Tuesdays of every week, the waiver wire will be set in reverse order of standings and waiver claims will go through on Midnight Sunday Morning. The waiver wire will start with the first person in line and work down until all claims have been filled. If an owner decides that they no longer want to participate in the All In Fantasy Baseball League, that owner must notify the commissioner. The owner is encouraged to nominate a potential replacement owner and the league will have to approve the new owner through a league vote. Additionally, any owner who demonstrates continued inactivity, intentionally breaks league rules, or misses deadlines may be subject to removal from the league by a unanimous league vote. At the end of the season, the All In Fantasy Baseball League Champion will get 500 dollars from the league prize pot. The loser of the championship game will get 50 dollars. The losers of the AL and NL championship games will each get 25 dollars. This is the First Edition of the All In Fantasy League Constitution. Please email me with any questions or concerns that you may have and lets have a great fantasy baseball year.
  3. I sent you an email let me know if you are interested.
  4. Sorry I tried doing it from my phone. That might be why. ALL IN LEAGUE CONSTITUTION.docx
  5. We have a full group of members at this point but a few have not paid. Deadline for paying is Friday morning at midnight so i wanted to get a group of interested people on a waitlist so we can get rolling. This is a startup dynasty league. Entry fee is 30 dollars. Feel free to email me at willhawk1988@gmail.com if you are interested or had any questions ALL IN LEAGUE CONSTITUTION.docx
  6. Let me know if you would have any interest in our league. Its on fantrax but I think everything else might fit what you are looking for.
  7. Alright I sent you an invite to the league. Update: we are currently at 11 out of 20 spots filled up. We are looking at start a slow draft as soon as all spots are filled and paid for. Let me know if you are interested or email me at willhawk1988@gmail.com for more info.
  8. That might not be a bad idea. I can send you invite right now if youd like. Dont have to pay right now and we can see how things go. If it came down to where you had to leave because of date conflict Id understand.
  9. Depending if we filled up before, we might do it as soon as we were full and paid but i cant promise since that was advertised date. Sorry about that.
  10. Let me know if this might be something yoi would be interested in.
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