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  1. Agree, like him in general but not tonight
  2. Don’t have a sense for your league depth, but I would definitely do this deal.
  3. To be honest I don’t think this is actually enough. I would rather keep Bellinger at this point or see if you can get a more obvious upgrade. He has the pedigree to be a difference maker this year, not sure I’d rush to move off that.
  4. I hate holding two catchers and I am not sure the value of those guys really moves the needle for you. I would likely stay put knowing the better days are coming with Jansen.
  5. I would much rather have Realmuto but I can see trading see him with both on your roster. I would want more than Gordon however.
  6. I think I agree as well. I hate giving the best player but you are getting a ton back.
  7. It’s close between Dejong and Andrus for me, but I probably go: Dejong Andrus Swanson
  8. I am in 10 team point league where you can keep three players year over year. There are draft penalties where you would lose the pick one ahead of where they were drafted the next year. I was offered Sale for Glasnow and Eloy. My keepers are fairly set (JoRam, Arenado, Machado or Snell) so I am less concerned about long term value, but still a consideration. is this a good buy low while capitalIzing on Galsnow’s good start?
  9. Not at all. SS is deep this year, especially in a point league. It’s close for me with Strasburg as his injury history always scares me and Corea has first round upside, but I think I would still drop him if the league favours pitching.
  10. Without question, Kluber is slowing down and I think the park questions are overstated with Machado. Take it and run
  11. I am in a 10 team head to head points league. I need your help narrowing my keepers. Keep three of the five (I would lose the pick referenced if that player is kept) 1. Nolan Arenado - 6th round 2. Manny Machado (3B & SS) - 9th round 3. Ozzie Albies - 13th round 4. Jose Ramirez (2B & 3B) - 14th round 5. Blake Snell - 19th round Thanks a lot,
  12. I have been high on Luchessi through the early stretches of the year and have been rewarded thus far. But I was offered Stroman for him straight up. Stroman has been a train wreck thus far but it feels like it can only get better and could be a good buy low time. head to head points league thoughts?
  13. I am in a 10 team points league that starts an additional middle infield and corner inflield and middle infield position. I need to choose one to keep 1. Machado but would lose a 10th round pick 2. Severino but would lose a 23rd round pick I am leaning Machado but Severino for a 23rd round pick is insane value. *** keeper rules is that you lose the pick a round ahead of where they were drafted the pervious year. The draft round scales based on years.
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