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  1. Certainly seems like he's mailed it in... hopefully a trade reinvigorates him
  2. whatever the percentage is, I imagine being up 11 in the eighth inning or later provided a higher likelihood of winning than Only being up 7. What a silly conversation.
  3. By Monday? Dude should be cleared within the hour if MLB has any intention of handling this correctly.
  4. Reddick is presently 1 for 20 this spring- Tucker might win the job outright, or at least one would hope.
  5. I traded Mookie Betts for Jose Fernandez ten days before the accident
  6. Has he been injured often in previous years? Obviously last year was concerning but I couldn’t find much about other injuries...
  7. Dang, I was certain he was going to be a .430 hitter for the Dodgers. This is going to be tough to stomach.
  8. Completely agree- guy has been sensational... can't wait to see him in LA
  9. I really don't think Kike or Chris Taylor are going to be much of a roadblock for Lux if he keeps performing... I bet Lux is up before May of next year
  10. Hopefully a short stay there, would be nice if he performs as he has and pushes up to AA this year.
  11. As a point of clarification, Wander is 18 yrs old.
  12. Not in lineup tonight, one can dream that it’s because he’s been promoted to AA, right?
  13. Let’s just hope he didn’t punch any walls this afternoon- he has too much talent not to figure this out soon
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