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  1. Link doesn’t work. Can you give details?
  2. Fantrax/Treausurer 14 Teams $200 + $6 Fantrax Premium Fee 100% payouts 32 majors + 25 minors Slow draft C 1B 2B 3B SS CI MI LF CF RF OF UT 5 SP 5 RP 2P 8 Bench AVG / R / Hits / RBI / HR / SB / OPS W / QS / K / ERA / WHIP / S / H Only one spot left. Great group of experienced owners so far. Post your email for additional details. Looking to move quickly here and get draft launched,
  3. I have 2 spots left in a brand new $200 / 14 team Dynasty / 7x7 roto / Fantrax / slow draft. let me know if you want more details. Great group of managers, filling up fast, and going to launch as soon as we are full / paid.
  4. I have 2 open spots in A 14 team / 7x7 season long roto / Fantrax / Slow draft... But it is not salary cap... Its a straight snake draft / keep forever Dynasty. $200 annual dues / 100% payout. Great group of experienced and engaged managers. It’s going to be good. Filling up fast. let me know if interested.
  5. SCHEDULE Your league stats begin accumulating on: Thu Mar 28, 2019 Your league stats end accumulating on: Sun Sep 29, 2019 PLAYER POOL Player Pool:All teams Players traded out of league's player pool continue to accumulate stats: Yes Only include players associated with a MLB team in the player pool: No Lock Player Pool: No ROSTERS Restriction
  6. Final push. 3 spots left to fill. hope to have this moving by the end of the day. Great format and great group of managers so far.
  7. Bump - 4 spots left! looking like a great group of dedicated/engaged managers so far.
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