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  1. you dont think they traded Willy so they could properly evaluate their assets and let the Unikornet rise ??? imagine a KP/LK frontcourt. talk about length and space. whats wrong with playing Kornet over KOQ so they can finally fall into the top 5 and get their last chance to pair another young guy with Porz
  2. dropped stanley to pick up Bogdan. probably gonna drop James Johnson for someone with Dwade there to take more usage. maybe Jonathan Simmons. Ive never been a fan of DJA
  3. lmao theyre dreads. really thick dreads that he hasnt retwisted since the day he got them done.
  4. I disagree with most on here I think Rodney is going up. he's the second option on the team and the best at running pick and rolls . plus you have to factor in the Lebron James effect and take into account all the wide open shots he will be getting as opposed to him being a defensive focal point in utah
  5. okay but why arent these egotistical GM's just take a second round instead of paying the guy to get him off your team for free. Is pride and leverage that big of a factor
  6. I like Rodney Hood ROS. going to get ALOT of open looks. he's probably the second option on that team right now
  7. Hill/Clarkson Hood/Wade Lebron/JR Nance/Love* Tristan or tristan and BRKLYN pick for Deandre and Detroit pick
  8. lmao fack what are the cavs trying to do surround 14 fringe NBA role players around Lebron. they just rocked tf out of their team chemistry I wouldnt be suprised to see that Lakers pick around pick 16
  9. okay sure nobody "owes" anybody anything but Cleveland had a LEGIT SHOT at winning the title this year. now they just tanked their whole season. why even trade that pick then????? why not trade away your good players and tank the rest of the season so that pick falls in 18-20 range?? then you have two solid 1st rounders for their rebuild process since thats CLEARLY what they are doing
  10. the cavs are disgustingly disrespecting Lebron James if they dont give him his fair shake this year. this better be a bluff
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