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  1. Wouldn't rush to Justin holiday. Jamychal green played some SF, so may be more useful. Mario is also intriguing ^^
  2. This is probably an AC forum question. Regardless, my thoughts: Roco is out indefinitely with a bone bruise. Klay just hit 40, so the time is not right. J-rich may be a good target, as he's playing sub-par, and has steal potential. Kris Dunn would be good. I would estimate DMC's top end trade to be 50-70 range.
  3. Boylen does my head in. Step 1: go get a rug to cover your bald scalp and warm the brain. Step 2: Block Panther 30 min per game.
  4. It would be a Christmas miracle to go 1/18 against the bulls twice.
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