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  1. QS, K/9, WHIP, ERA, SV+HD Potential keeper league (but limited to 2 players).
  2. I like McCutchen, but more as a value pick up since his OBP still plays and the Phillies lineup should be top, so he'll bring more runs than normal and his power might play better in a small park like Philly. This is a bad trade. I think if you can get Rendon and Corbin, then you are winning big time. I doubt he is going to make that move though.
  3. I would see if you can flip Keuchel into an interesting bat. He isn't that great to begin with, he is unsigned, and missed spring training. You aren't going to get much, but you might find someone with a spare hitter that will help you avoid injury pitfalls.
  4. I'll break with conventional wisdom and say you should take the saves. Iglesias is installed as the closer on a much improved Reds team. I think saves are going to harder to find in meaningful quantities as team become more inclined to go closer by committee and matchups. Or because they are trying to juke the stats for arbitration by putting some crusty vet in the 9th and having the young gun do heavy lifting elsewhere. If this were a saves+holds league, then sure there are plenty of other fish in the sea, but you probably don't want to pick the random guy that the Orioles find to close.
  5. Sale by a long, long way. By midseason, it may be the other way, but Paddack has a lot to prove. Buehler is a good arm, but he probably shouldn't throw more than about 180 innings this year.
  6. Very good team. One question is whether your league is a categories league (saves or saves+holds) or points league. Your starting pitching should be fairly strong, but Vizcaino is the only closer (and it wouldn't take much for him to lose that role). If it's a categories league with saves+holds, then you can probably go dumpster diving on the waiver wire. If it's a points league, I wouldn't worry about saves too much because you can get more out of the starting pitching. If you really need saves, then you might look to see if Trevor May or Greg Holland made it to the wire. Po
  7. 10 team league. OPB, SLG, R, RBI, NSB for hitters. Pitchers get QS, ERA, WHIP, SV+HD, and K/9. Aaron Nola and Robinson Cano for Jacob deGrom. Cano will be replaced with Brian Dozier deGrom's owner drafted Scooter Gennett, but has no backup now that Gennett is out for extended time. Plus, the team is somewhat short on big bats, as he used his first picks on Max Scherzer and deGrom. Best options wire options are Jeff McNeil, Roughned Odor, and Joey Wendle. Does this trade offend you?
  8. Yes, I have another league (with a shorter bench, but shallow waiver wire) where I am just hoping he turns it around.
  9. I am assuming that you also care about R, RBI, SB, etc. I would go Zimmerman, Bour, Alonso Pure OPS, I would probably put it Alonso, Zim, Bour. Zimmerman is rebounding nicely, but his K rate has been creeping up and he doesn't walk like Alonso. That said I think Zim and Bour are going to get better hitting opportunities in their respective line-ups. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/701143-give-up-on-luis-castillo/
  10. Another vote for Gausman. He always is up and down. Baltimore is terrible this year and the AL East is a hard place to make a living as a pitcher.
  11. Are you waiting for Luis Castillo to rebound in a 10 team league? I was a believer, but I am thinking about cutting bait in my 10 team redraft league. Pitching stats are: QS, K/9, ERA, WHIP, SV+HD. With a small league like this, the staffs are pretty strong and I don't feel like I can start Castillo. Waiver wire options: Walker Buehler, Luis Gohara, Tyson Ross, Zach Wheeler, Tanner Roark, Vince Velaquez and Eduardo Rodriguez.
  12. I wouldn't drop Bundy. Maybe the breakout isn't real, but that lotto ticket looks real good right now. I would drop Gausman. There is nothing to suggest that he is going to be anything special this year. He has good games and bad games, which isn't really helpful in fantasy. Williams isn't a bad drop either, but he is at least looking good. I don't have a great deal of hope that he'll keep up his production, but it seems like every year there is someone that shows up and has a big year on weak contact.
  13. I would pass. As tonywow mentions, you are really looking at Altuve for Max/Carrasco. But then your Keepers are presumably 4-1 hitters to pitching. Not terrible, but having Kershaw and Scherzer both gives you a heavy dominance in pitching. I would keep that. I think it is hard to build such an edge and it is extremely useful in H2H, if your league does a playoff bracket rather than simple end of season standings. Further, I would bet that you could probably find a solid upgrade for Carrasco alone or packaged with a bat you would be replacing.
  14. That Yankees lineup is good, but young. They have already lost Bird and nobody really knows if Judge will be the monster he hopes to be. Not too mention, the Marlins actually had a decent lineup in 2017 (Stanton, Ozuna, Yelich, Gordon, Bour, and Realmuto) they just had no pitching. Meanwhile, Mookie should be getting extra support from a full season of Devers and having J.D. Martinez. I think you should trust your gut here. All of these guys are likely to be great, unless they get hurt and it is hard to predict that.
  15. Harper, but I don't think either is a mistake.
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