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  1. new 10 team dynasty, ESPN, $30 H2H cats. need more managers Active owners only. We use leaguesafe for payments cats: pts, rebs, ast, Stl, Blk, 3PM, TO, FT%, Shooting% https://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league/join?leagueId=2027201851&inviteId=36a6f7b8-8c5e-47b8-9978-c643433a95c3 respond to ask any questions.
  2. invite sent https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/159474/invitation?key=02792abc9b468eec&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=3351a20a1c478e01
  3. Ok, lets do yahoo then. Ill get working on creating it. feel free to invite anyone youd like
  4. As mentioned im open to any platform, but Im leaning ESPN. Id like to move over to sleeper once its able to accommodate the settings.
  5. Active owners only. buy in will be done through league safe, you will buy in a year in advance to avoid people trading away all future for current season then leaving the league. Must own the pick from the round of the player you are keeping - If you select Harden with your first pick you can then trade your first round pick for the next season while keeping Harden, but if you come to the end of the year with no first round pick you will no be able to keep harden as you no longer have a first round pick with which to keep him. Both options make for a lot of trading. and many ways to
  6. Hey man, this is a fun league with interesting keeper rules and allows draft pick trades. I think it is for you. Its free and active! on Yahoo https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/36482/invitation?key=1434687a6fdd9877&ikey=00afc5d61c5f4d5b&soc_src=app-sh&soc_trk=lnk
  7. This is a 12 team, 2 keeper, league. keepers must be drafted after the 3rd round. Need 4 managers! Fun, active, interesting league. Draft on the 19th. use link below to join or message to ask more questions! https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/36482/invitation?key=1434687a6fdd9877&ikey=00afc5d61c5f4d5b&soc_src=app-sh&soc_trk=lnk
  8. Free 12 team yahoo league. NEED 4 OWNERS 2 keepers from round 4 and later. Active owners ONLY! Draft DEC 19 https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/36482/invitation?key=1434687a6fdd9877&ikey=00afc5d61c5f4d5b&soc_src=app-sh&soc_trk=lnk
  9. We are in need of a replacement manager! 2021 already paid for! Dynasty league, 12 team, 2 QB, 1 SF, $10 Team has some nice players: QBs... Newton Lock Luton Smith Taylor Rypien RBs... CMC Josh Jacobs Aaron Jones Todd Gurley Mike Davis Malcolm Brown Ronald Jones Phillip Lindsay WRs... Jerry Jeudy Christian Kirk Preston Williams Darnell Mooney TE... Kyle Rudolph Hunter Henry Dalton Schultz Irv Smith Reply or m
  10. $20 - 10 team PPR Superflex Dynasty On the sleeper app Message me any questions for discussion or Use This Link to join: https://sleeper.app/draft/nfl/578042769210134528
  11. I am interested! Hit me up! jhorn2013@gmail.com
  12. $20 - 10 team PPR Superflex Dynasty On the sleeper app Message me any questions for discussion or Use This Link to join: https://sleeper.app/draft/nfl/578042769210134528
  13. $20 - 10 team PPR Superflex Dynasty (Sleeper) Settings are flexible before we start we will discuss. Message me any questions or Use This Link to join: https://sleeper.app/draft/nfl/578042769210134528
  14. I sent an email to you from: jhorn2013@gmail.com very interested
  15. Jhorn2013@gmail.com Id like Detroit Pistons, if Taken let me know and ill pick a new one
  16. I am interested to join. Probably cant be on daily, but I can be on more than once a week. jhorn2013@gmail.com I am experienced, but have not done many auctions. I would like to get more in to them and your league settings are very interesting to me. they let you build for the future many different ways and strategies which is cool and would keep me active and coming back. thanks
  17. give me team #1: jhorn2013@gmail.com I take it back. love your format, but fear the brows too stacked. im out unless its a redraft thanks
  18. jhorn2013@gmail.com I would like to join if it is 10 teams, not looking for 12
  19. Looking for a few more managers to join our 8 team Yahoo redraft league for the upcoming season. Draft is scheduled for Saturday, Oct 12, 9PM EST. Roster: 1PG, 1SG, 2G, 1SF, 1PF, 2F, 2C, 2Utility(flex), 5 bench, 2 IL(injury slots) H2H CATs If things go well we might turn it to a keeper league in the future. First come first serve. Email me at: Jhorn2013@gmail.com to join
  20. i am very interested and an active owner email: jhorn2013@gmail.com
  21. I am interested to join. I am an active owner. email:jhorn2013@gmail.com
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